The Turkish woman gets the title of the longest living woman in the world | Globalism

The Turkish woman gets the title of the longest living woman in the world |  Globalism

The Guinness Book of Records confirmed that 25-year-old Romesa Gilji, from Turkey, is the tallest living woman in the world, with a height of 2.15 meters. It has already been announced The world’s tallest living teenager in 2014, but it has grown more since that time, when he was 2.13 AD.

Your height is due to a rare genetic disease called Weaver syndrome, which causes other physical changes in addition to exponential growth.

Due to his physical problems, Gilji cannot walk normally. She spends most of her time in a wheelchair, although she manages to take a few steps with the help of a walker.

Romesa Gilji having her height checked by a judge from the Guinness Book of Records – Photo: Reproduction / Guinness World Records

The young woman says the title is important because, since getting her first record in 2014, she has used the fame as a platform to promote her syndrome and try to help people with the same problem or other rare conditions.

Guinness book releases strange records starting from the 2022 edition

Interestingly, the tallest man in the world known by Guinness Book of Records is also from Turkey. Sultan Kosen has a height of 2.51 meters, but its height is caused by a tumor pressing on the hypothalamus (a region of the brain). Gilji says he has never had the chance to meet Kosen but he would like to meet him.

However, the young Turkish woman is not the tallest who has ever held this title. Previously it belonged to the Chinese Yao Defen, whose height due to a tumor in the pituitary gland reached 2.34 meters. However, Devin passed away in 2012, at the age of 40.

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