The strongest competition in the world, the English Premier League begins with globalization and money

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this friday, Crystal Palace Arsenal opened the round that marks the start of the 2022/2023 Premier League season. The competition is considered the major football league in the world and is known for its high revenue generation and clubs with significant investment strength, as well as bringing together the major players in world football.

According to a report by Football Benchmark analysts, published last month, Premier League It has ten of the 32 most valuable clubs in Europe. Until last year, there were eight teams on the list, with Manchester UnitedAnd the LiverpoolAnd the ManchesterAnd the ChelseaAnd the TottenhamAnd the ArsenalAnd the Lister And the Everton. in 2022, Aston Villa And the West Ham He also joined these teams and now appears among the richest people on the planet.

According to the same report, which used annual financial statements and list numbers to calculate club ratings, the league’s growth correlates, among other factors, with broadcast revenue. At the end of 2021, for example, the Premier League extended its contract with NBC, in the US, for another six years for the TV rights. The Associated Press reported that the value of the new agreement amounted to 2.7 billion dollars (14 billion Brazilian reais).

Earlier this year, the Premier League announced 2022-2025 to raise €6.32bn (£32bn) in broadcast rights outside the UK. The fact that the tournament features star players from different countries helps to sell the product globally. Names such as South Korean Son Heung-min, of Tottenham Hotspur, striker Pulisic, an American who plays for Chelsea, and Colombian Luis Diaz, striker of Liverpool, are some of the athletes who have helped highlight the competition in the other squares. This season, Gabriel Jesus will wear the Arsenal shirt he bought from City.

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“It is the most ‘globalized’ national championship in the world and, to be clear, it has many elements. Famous athletes, clubs with economic capacity to big signings, competitive teams and top-level football are not the causes, but the consequences of a work dating back to the 1990s. A project to build a league Strong and a global product since its inception, it demands that the teams also be 100% professional structures. The result could not be different”, says Armênio Neto, a company that specializes in sports.

The club’s revenue is a factor that makes a difference in raising the profile of the Premier League. In the current transfer window alone, the 20 teams have already invested 1.23 billion euros (6.4 billion Brazilian reals) in signings. According to data from the German Transfermarkt platform, in the top five in Europe (La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Portuguese League, Bundesliga), the German league has been closest to the Premier League in terms of investment in reinforcements, with the value so far reaching 567.9 million. Euros (3 billion Brazilian reals).

For Junior Shavari, a professional who has worked at Atletico MG, Sao Paulo and Gremio, the economic strength of the Premier League, combined with organization and structure, are factors that tend to attract the attention of athletes. The coach also highlights the distance between Brazilian football, for example, from the reality of English football.

“Our difference is largely due to the financial factor and the ability to attract and hire players. Brazil, at least in South America, stands out, but nevertheless, cannot be compared to Europe., as a training center, the quality of the turf, the organization, even the calendar, and overall competitiveness , which allows clubs to compete in more and more high-level competitions, is part of that disparity.”

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From a business point of view, Pedro Melo, Atlético-MG’s Commercial Director who works in attracting and managing sponsorships, explains the reasons for this difference in economic strength between Brazilian football clubs and the Premier League. “It comes down to what each club represents in terms of crowd size, marketing actions, product sales, among other reasons. Speaking of England in particular, our differentiation is certainly in stake distribution, devaluation of our currency against sterling and exploitation of trading assets.”

The executive adds that Brazil is well on its way to developing and recognizing national competitions and that discussions about the new league are an important step in the search for improvements. “Brazil begins a process of greater regulation and parity between clubs. In this way, I think the investments will be greater and continuous.”

Marcelo Pazpresident Energy, one of the leaders of the 24-club group that formed Liga Forte Futebol do Brasil (LFF) in response to the creation of Libra, knows that Brazil needs to copy the Premier League model. “In England, even mid-sized teams have the conditions and resources to invest in signings. That’s why the competition is so attractive and is broadcast practically all over the world. To work here, Libra has to replicate the standards that apply there.”

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