UK is opening scholarship applications for athletes in 2020

UK is opening scholarship applications for athletes in 2020

a De Montfort University (DMU), in the UK, is open to applications for Sports Scholarships of up to £6,000 for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in any field. Financial assistance also covers physical therapy and private medical insurance. Interested parties must register by September 8.

a DMU Sports Scholarship It offers students the opportunity to develop academic and sporting performance while studying at De Montfort University, located in Leicester. Fellows will have access to support, individual conditioning and strengthening sessions and will be able to participate in a variety of workshops and events related to sports performance.


There are two basic requirements to qualify for DMU Sports Scholarships:

  • Have already been accepted and enrolled on an undergraduate or postgraduate course at DMU for the 2019/20 academic year (i.e. you will first need to go through the university's selection process);
  • Compete at a high level of representation and be able to demonstrate your passion and commitment to your sport. The University recognizes that there are significant differences in performance and representation between sports, so they are open to discussing your case via email if they feel it is necessary.

If you have these two basic conditions, you can apply for the scholarship here.

However, the amount awarded will depend on other criteria. Scholarships are categorized from Level 1 to Level 4:

  • Level 1: For students representing their sport at national and international level – individual value £6,000;
  • The second level: for students participating in A National development path – Individual value: 3,500 pounds sterling;
  • Level 3: For students who regularly play for a regional team and represent the region in national competitions – individual value £1,600;
  • Level 4: For outstanding students in your country or region who help improve your club – individual value £1,100.

Part of the scholarship amount is awarded in cash, in the form of a bank deposit, and the rest must be applied to sports support, insurance and physical therapy. a DMU Sports Scholarships Valid for one year only, the student will need to re-enroll to continue receiving assistance throughout their studies.

Fields of study and sports

Your degree can be in any field of study, without necessarily being sports-related. In relation to its sporting activities, the University accepts applications from those who practice any Olympic or Paralympic sport and other sports that appear in the list of sports. Box that it United Kingdom Parliament.

Contact De Montfort University to know more.

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