The new company wants to explore lithium, iron ore and quartzite rocks in MG

The new company wants to explore lithium, iron ore and quartzite rocks in MG

Governor Romeo Zema signs the Protocol of Intent for Atlas Group’s investments in MG | Photo: Gil Leonardi/Empressa MG

Five cities in the interior of the state of Minas are expected to receive investments amounting to about R$ 1 billion to explore ornamental rocks of lithium, iron ore and quartzite. The Protocol of Intent was signed on Friday (22/9) between the Minas State Government and the Atlas Group. Together, these projects are expected to generate about 1,200 new job opportunities.

Of the total investments, R$ 750 million will be invested in lithium extraction, with a volume of 300 thousand tons per year in the areas located in the municipalities of Itinga and Aracuí, within the Lithium Valley, in the Jiquitinhonha region, which has the largest concentration of this mineral in Brazil. In this project alone, about a thousand job opportunities will be created, 400 of which will be direct.

According to Governor Romeo Zema, who signed the Protocol of Intent, the investments will change the reality of the region.

“We are firmly convinced that the entire region will change – and for the better. We have demanded full environmental responsibility from these companies and this is a commitment from the Minas state government. Moreover, investors are warned that they need to be socially responsible in order to be well received in the country. Therefore All companies invest in people training programs to provide opportunities for those who live in that area. This is what we want: to value Minas Gerais and provide quality of life and opportunities.

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According to Atlas Lithium CEO, Mark Fogassa, the company is expected to establish itself in record time in the region.

“We have a factory model that will be brought to Brazil and assembled on site. So, we expect to start operations in May 2024. But before that, we will actually create jobs in the region through the assembly and assembly part.

Other minerals

In addition to lithium extraction, the Atlas Group intends to invest in increasing the production of quartzite mines for ornamental rocks in the Concelheiro Mata area, in Diamantina, in the Vale do Jiquitinhonha region, and in São Domingos do Prata, in the Central Region. Minas Gerais, operated by Mineração Júpiter.

Another company from the same group that will receive investments is Apollo Resources, with the expansion of its iron ore mine in Rio Piracicaba, also in the central region of Minas. Both projects are expected to create 276 new job opportunities with an investment of 250 million Brazilian riyals.

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