How was the Bridgerton cast party in Rio?

How was the Bridgerton cast party in Rio?

Among those in attendance were famous fans like Tati Quebra Barraco, who said she doesn't follow “Bridgerton,” but is happy to be invited by Netflix to represent funk. “I've had a 27-year career and community recognition is everything. In the past, we couldn't get here. I left the slums for the world. It's the second time I've entered this field and into a style.”

Also appearing there are the couple Camila Quiroz and Kleber Toledo, the actress Carla Diaz, the interviewer Blogueirinha, the influencer Rafael Vicente, and the writer Camila Budem.

Fans are excited

'Bridgerton' fans got excited and perfected their looks in a nod to the series. The party attire was part of the dress code for the event in Rio – on a hot day, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.

Student Evelyn Luna, 24, combined Bridgerton aesthetics with Rio's current funk party. She was wearing a corset, gloves, glasses and shorts. “I'm obsessed with corsets. I wear them every day. I love funk dances, but my mother doesn't know that,” the Rio native joked.

Internationalist Letizia Gama, 22, traveled from Sao Paulo to Rio with a life-sized cardboard Colin. “It's his fifth appearance. The Colin cartoon is famous. He came with me on the plane. I had to take it apart to put it in my bag. It was my first time on a plane.”

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