Priority payments in Republika Srpska after floods

Priority payments in Republika Srpska after floods

a tax authority Announce the payment of the first installment of 2024 income tax refund It will be allocated to taxpayers in Rio Grande do Sul, as part of an emergency package in the wake of devastating floods in the state. Therefore, this special payment marks the beginning of payment on May 31, coinciding with the last day for filing returns.

Corporations must submit income tax receipts
IR recovery with focus on Rio Grande do Sul – Credits: Marcelo Casal Jr. / Agência Brasil

What changes in IR recovery this year?

According to the new organization. Taxpayers of Rio Grande do Sul It will have priority in the first batch due to recent natural tragedies that have directly affected the region. In this way, this measure precedes even traditional legal priorities, such as the elderly over 80 years of age and people with serious illnesses.

Part details and payment dates

After the amendment, people over 60 years of age, seriously ill people and teaching professionals are still on the priority list. Later, after these groups, will come advertisers who chose the pre-packaged acknowledgment and those who chose Pix as a pickup method. Hey calendar Proves that payments for subsequent payments will occur on June 28, July 31, August 30 and September 30.

What are the priorities for income tax refunds?

  • Seniors aged 80 and over
  • Elderly people over 60 years of age, people with disabilities or serious illnesses
  • Taxpayers whose largest source of income is teaching
  • Taxpayers who used a pre-filled return and those who chose Pix to get their refund
  • The remaining taxpayers follow the priority sequence

How to check the redemption date and who will benefit?

a tax authority Lots of refunds will still announce exact dates for consultation. This is a crucial moment for taxpayers to check the status of their return and verify their data to ensure the correct receipt of the amounts due.

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Furthermore, the Federal Revenue Service remains committed to modifying its operations and making them more flexible to better meet the needs of taxpayers, especially in emergencies and disasters, such as those that occurred in Rio Grande do Sul this year.

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