4 exercises to gain muscle mass

4 exercises to gain muscle mass


Four exercises are necessary to gain muscle mass and immunity.

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You Exercises to gain muscle mass Aerobic activities are great health allies.

Increasing lean body mass, in addition to enhancing beauty and conditioning, is essential for strengthening the immune system.

Likewise, improving respiratory resistance through exercise can help prevent many diseases.

A study published by the magazine Diabetes and metabolic syndrome: research and clinical reviews He stressed that physical exercise is necessary to strengthen immunity and improve the respiratory system of patients who have been infected with Covid-19.

Moreover Weight training can help prevent chronic diseases Such as cancer and diabetes.

Benefits of physical exercise

There are many reasons to break out of a sedentary lifestyle. To help those who want to boost their health and have a healthy body, we have selected some essential activities:


abduction and adduction; Legs. exercises; an exercise – Freebec

Exercises to gain muscle mass and improve immunity


Bodybuilding is The main activity for gaining muscle mass. It is important to respect the body's limits and adjust the load to perform exactly what the physical education specialist prescribed.

Proper loading allows the final repetition to be performed with a feeling of task accomplishment, without overloading.


Deaf bells; Rowing; exercises; an exercise; BodyBuilding – Freebec


For those who find bodybuilding monotonous functional training It's a great alternative. Based on natural body movements, such as running, jumping and squatting, these exercises make the dynamics more engaging and fun.


If time is short, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) It could be a good option. These workouts, which last up to 20 minutes, are intense and effective.

It is important not to overdo it to avoid damage to immunity and increase muscle mass. Guidance from a professional is essential to safely fit HIIT into your routine.


CrossFit Morph Training – FreePik


Being Short distancesup to 100 metres, With maximum speed it can stimulate Gaining muscle mass.

Longer workouts The moderate density is great for Increase endurance and respiratory conditioning. The ideal is to alternate training and maintain a balance between activities.


Find out if it's better to do cardio before or after training if your goal is to lose weight. – Freebec

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