The Indian variant of the coronavirus has been revealed in Maranhão

Covid-19 Vaccine: Minister Carlos Fransa opposes breaking the patent

All members of Zhi’s MV Shandong crew, with the Indian flag, are in isolation. 15 people on board the ship tested positive for COVID-19, and six of them were infected with the Indian type of coronavirus, B1,617.2. The information was confirmed by the Ministry of Health in Maranhão. The ship is anchored in the high seas, off the coast of the state’s capital, Sao Luis.

The Minister of Health in Maranhão and the President of the National Council of Health Secretaries, Carlos Lula, confirmed that all efforts are to isolate the staff and prevent the transmission of the virus from the community.

Only one of the 38 crew members was permitted to leave the ship. He’s a 54-year-old man with a fever since the 4th of last century and ever since KentaOn the thirteenth day, he was admitted to the intensive care unit of a private hospital in São Luis, where a helicopter took him from the ship to the hospital.

The next day, the Brazilian government decided to ban travelers from India. But confirmation of the virus arriving in Brazil came at this time KentaOn Monday, after the Evandro Chagas Institute sequenced the genetic code for the viruses in the 15 crew members infected with the virus.

Carlos Lula warns of the dangers of this alternative, which in the last 10 years the World Health Organization has considered a global concern.

Three other types of coronavirus have received the same WHO classification: the classification of the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil, which was initially registered in Manaus.

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Fiucruz is looking at this new form of the coronavirus to guide health policies in Brazil. A team from the Ministry of Health moved to Sao Luis.

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