The image of Christ the Redeemer will be a symbol of Oxford University in central Rio

The image of Christ the Redeemer will be a symbol of Oxford University in central Rio
Christ the Redeemer (Photo: internet clone)

Having been chosen to be the host city of the University of Oxford in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro has submitted the logo that will be stamped on the campus of the prestigious British educational institution, in the center of Rio. The design, established by the city council and approved by the University of the United Kingdom, has an image of Christ the Redeemer and waves symbolizing the sea, along with the name “Brazil Oxford Unit” (the Oxford unit in Brazil).

This art was unveiled during a ceremony at the City Palace, in the southern district of the capital of Fluminense, by the Minister of Municipal Education, Renan Ferrinha, and researcher Sue Anne Clemens, the university representative and responsible for bringing the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine studies to Brazil.

a The prestigious British University of Oxford will have two headquarters in Rio de JaneiroBoth are located in the city center. The first, at the Carlos Chagas Institute, on Avenida Beira Mar, which will be used by the research and course team. The other unit, dedicated to projects in partnership with the Ministry of Health, will be located in the Cultural Center of the Ministry of Health, on Piazza Marechal Ancora.

The infrastructure set up in Carlos Chagas will focus on independent research by the government, funded by other financial institutions, one of which started 14 days ago, on the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine from Clover. The idea is that the venue can provide exchanges between Brazilian and foreign professors, with a view to future projects in the field of infectious disease prevention. The laboratories will also conduct a study to develop an immune agent against the omicron variant.

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Brazil will be the first country to have the institution’s first campus outside the United Kingdom.

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