The Hamilton home is registered with a tax haven

The Hamilton home is registered with a tax haven

the Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton embroiled in a controversy reverberating on social media. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, one of Seven-time world champion mansions It is listed on the cadastre of a company headquartered in a tax haven.

The land is located in London and was acquired in 2017 for £16.5 million (about R$103 million). The problem is that the house will be registered with a company based in the British Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean.

The pilot owns other properties on the site, non-resident owners of which are exempt from tax, as well as other properties similarly registered in the UK. There are three companies bearing his name, and speculation is that the structure was created to ensure privacy for the Englishman.

A spokesperson for Hamilton commented on the case and stated that “ownership of Lewis Hamilton’s property in the UK through listed companies registered on foreign property does not give him any advantage in taxation or any other financial benefit.”

“Lewis supports the new register, as evidenced by the inclusion of British real estate and related companies, along with their beneficial ownership in the register,” he said.

The case sparked more controversy after the statements of the seven-time champion, in which he advocated a limit to the money that a person possesses.

“You shouldn’t have billions. There should be a limit to how much money anyone can have because there should be enough for everyone, so somehow there should be a law that creates more equality and access for everyone, although I don’t I know how to do it.”

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