Your cell phone battery doesn't last because of these three useless functions

Your cell phone battery doesn't last because of these three useless functions

Many people complain that their mobile phone battery does not last even 24 hours, even when they do not use the device frequently. The blame for this may not lie only in the way it is used, but also in the hidden functions that drain the device's power throughout the day.

These are useless features that, after deactivation, increase the battery life of the cell phone. And for those who work all day with the device, the battery is a very valuable thing, right? Its absence hinders productivity and communication with others.

Fortunately, what not everyone knows is that there is an easy and practical way to do this How to make your cell phone battery last longer. We recommend that you disable certain functions, which are often useless and consume a lot of power, to improve performance.

3 Useless Cell Phone Functions That Drain Your Battery

Check out the three tips below on how to optimize your cell phone battery so it lasts longer:

1. Bluetooth, the real hidden enemy

Often forgotten by most people, Bluetooth technology can be an enemy to those who want to optimize their mobile phone battery. When you activate it, whether to connect a headset or pair your smartphone in the car, it's common to forget to turn it off.

Leaving Bluetooth running in the background will consume a lot of battery power unnecessarily, draining it faster. The recommendation is to turn on the function only when you intend to use it. This will save a good percentage of your battery.

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2. Location/GPS: One of the villains of battery consumption

It is common in everyday life to send your location to someone or use GPS to get somewhere faster. But be aware that this function also consumes a large percentage of the cell phone's battery.

The ideal solution is to deactivate this service once you are finished using it. In addition to avoiding consuming cell phone charges, this tip will prevent other apps from accessing information about your location.

3. Background apps auto update

It is common to think that the automatic app update function is good for the device, when in reality it hampers the device's performance. To save the device's battery, the advice is to disable this option.

On an Android cell phone, the user must first access Settings. Then go to Device Manager or Application Manager and select a specific app. Once this is done, you have to go to “Automatic Updates” or “Background Updates” to disable the option.

In iOS (iPhone), the user must go to “Settings”, select the application he wants to remove from automatic updating and deactivate the “Background Updates” option.

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