The G7 discusses the pandemic, climate change and threats to democracy | National newspaper

The G7 discusses the pandemic, climate change and threats to democracy |  National newspaper

It began on Friday (11), in England, Meeting of the leaders of the seven most industrialized countries in the world. On the agenda of the meeting are pressing topics such as the pandemic, climate change and threats to democracy.

Two years ago now, since the last meeting of the world’s most advanced, wealthy, and powerful nations, the planet has been turned upside down. How much has changed…

G7 leaders face enormous challenges, ancient and modern: fighting a pandemic that has killed more than 3.7 million people and left the trauma of an entire generation; recovery of the economy. The race to slow climate change.

The relationship with China and Russia also occupies an important place in the talks. It is a discussion of trying to rebuild this shaky world, strengthening democratic institutions and bringing countries together as closely as possible. Behind the scenes of the G7 family photo he sent this message: After the era of Donald Trump, international cooperation is back.

But what matters is what’s not in the picture: the conversations behind closed doors, the deals that can change people’s lives. a The group appears ready to do so and should announce the joint donation of 1 billion doses of vaccines against Covid, especially for poor countries.In an effort to end the epidemic by next year.

There is pressure on G7 leaders to also announce new measures to combat climate change. A recent survey concluded that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was no higher than at any time in history.

The British prime minister, who this year will also host the United Nations climate conference, said it was important for the world to rebuild itself in a greener way. But this is the head of government who has opted to travel from London to the English region of Cornwall, where the event is taking place, by plane rather than by train – which would have been a more sustainable option.

This G7 meeting is the last influential woman in world politics: German Prime Minister Angela Merkel. She, who left this year, participated in 15 meetings for this meeting. On Friday, he spoke of the importance of cooperation to revitalize the global economy.

The United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan will participate in the meeting, as well as European Union leaders. This group always invites some countries to annual meetings that deal with the world’s major problems. Brazil has not been called up, but other emerging countries, such as India and South Africa, are participating this year.

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