The co-op takes a children’s show to Vila Velha Park on Sunday

This Sunday (11/14) Parque Vila Velha will host Casa Cantante’s Cantiga Animal, a project that has the support and sponsorship of Unimed Ponta Grossa. The show is aimed at children and contains a repertoire of zoo symbols, legends and animals.

domestic animals – The audience will get to know, in a fun and lively way, the fauna of the local fauna, the attractions of the park and the legend of Vela Velha itself. The band also created an unprecedented song that talks about the beauty of the natural park.

legends – “We have prepared this show very carefully. We have worked on the legends, including that of Itacuritapa, “The Extinct Stone City”, the title of the song we created specifically for this performance. We also invite those from Ponta Grossa to visit the park and have fun with the band”, that’s what The singer of the band calls Giuliani Ribeiro.

collective conscience – For Sandri Anderson, director of marketing and communications for the cooperative, Unimed Ponta Grossa’s partnership with the park contributes to generating collective environmental awareness. It is one of the ways to preserve this treasure in our region. There is nothing better than raising children, caring for them and respecting the environment. The Banda Casa Cantante cultural project is supported by other presentations around the city and Vila Velha Park cannot be left out. ‘, he says.

Presentations – Presentations are held from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm during bus departure breaks, making the children’s experience more fun and full of surprises. The show ends with the successful Superfantástico, referring to the flight in the park’s stationary balloon.

tickets Tickets to visit the park can be purchased through the official website Or directly at the actual box office. (Unimed Ponta Grossa Press)

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