Multiple Sclerosis: Discover the app for those living with the disease

Multiple Sclerosis: Discover the app for those living with the disease

a Biogen, a biotech company focused on neuroscience, just launched the Cleo app for those who live with multiple sclerosis A progressive disease that affects about 40,000 Brazilians.

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“Cleo is designed to improve the routine of those who have multiple sclerosisYou become a great ally when it comes to care and well-being,” explains Tatiana Branco, Medical Director at Biogen. It is a space to accompany yourself: record your routine, mood and symptoms in order to improve your quality of life. We know that with the rush of daily life, this practice is not always possible “

The disease is associated with the destruction of myelin – the membrane that surrounds the nerve fibers responsible for conducting electrical impulses in the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. Loss of myelin can impede and even stop the transmission of impulses. Inflammation can affect different parts of the nervous system, causing different symptoms, which can be mild or severe, with no time to appear.

The disease usually appears in the form of recurrent outbreaks, neurological symptoms that last at least one day. Most of the diagnosed patients are young adults, between 20 and 40 years of age, which results in a significant personal and social and economic impact as it is a very active stage in humans.

The development, severity, and quality of symptoms cannot be predicted and vary from person to person. Some are slightly affected, while others progress rapidly to complete disability. It is a degenerative disease that develops when left untreated. It makes sense among the medical profession that controlling symptoms, minimizing disease progression, and early diagnosis and treatment are essential.

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