The Brazilian is one of the 25 people affected by deltacrone in the world

The Brazilian is one of the 25 people affected by deltacrone in the world

The variable specified in Cyprus is a combination of delta and micron. Data on the possibility of a deltachron infection is still under investigation

Brazilian Camila Fiorini, 26, is one of 25 people identified with Deltacron in the world. A journalist who lives in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, is in Europe and discovered the infection when she was tested to return to Brazil. With confirmation, the pass was postponed.

The Brazilian was on vacation in Europe when she discovered the contamination by Deltacron – Photo: clone/record/ND

The journalist said that with the application of two doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 R7 They experienced symptoms such as fever, cough and sore throat.

“Different from the result we usually get in Brazil, PCR here really comes with the level of viral load, which is your level of contamination, the pressure. And that’s written, it’s a mixture of micron with a strain from the UK, which is Delta,” he said.

The variant is recent and was recorded in January 2022 in the database that tracks Covid-19 changes. The discovery was made by a researcher from Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. Research indicates that Deltacron shares similarities with Ômicron and Delta.

“One of the biggest advantages that I’m not alone with Ômicron is that it usually doesn’t cause a loss of smell and taste, and that’s what my doctor told me,” Fiorini comments. “I had had [os sintomas] Because of mixing with Delta.”

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