Startup is testing a rocket engine that uses fuel made from recycled plastic

Startup testa motor de foguete que usa combustível feito com plástico reciclado

A British startup called Pulsar Fusion last week tested a “green” rocket engine, which uses a hybrid fuel made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and nitrous oxide.

HDPE is used in a variety of plastic products, including detergents and beverage bottles, and is seen as an exotic way to power energy-intensive rockets.

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“We are very satisfied with the tests. Pulsar “It’s among the few companies around the world that have built and tested these technologies,” said the company’s CEO, Richard Dennan.

The test video was posted by the company on Instagram:

A “plastic-powered” missile could launch in 2027

The use of plastic waste for missile launches is welcome because plastic is a source of pollution and is not being recycled properly on a large scale.

Pulsar wants to demonstrate the fusion propulsion engine in a static test by 2025 and then launch a rocket into orbit in 2027.

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China has tested a massive solid-fuel engine rocket

In October this year, China took another step forward in space exploration and tested a new solid-fuel rocket engine.

The novelty was developed by the Academy of Aerospace Steel Propulsion Technology (AASPT), which belongs to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), the country’s main aerospace contractor.

The engine is powered by 330,000 pounds (150 tons) of solid fuel. In a statement, CASC claims the solid-propellant rocket engine is the world’s most powerful and thruster to date.

Also, according to the company, the rocket engine incorporates a high-performance fiber-composite casing, an integrated combustion chamber, and an oversized nozzle, to make it very advanced. It is intended to be used in heavy-duty rockets to meet the requirements of deep space missions or manned lunar landings.

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