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cases monkey pox In many countries, health authorities around the world have led to the adoption of preventive measures. The goal is to prevent further contamination and contain the spread of disease. In the Holy Spirit no different. Although there are no cases in Brazil, the Minister of State for Health (sisa) I took some measures and sent this week to the municipalities of Espirito Santo A Warning.

In the official alert, the volume provides recommendations and guides on how to do this Health services You should proceed in front of a person who has suspicious symptoms of the disease.

“We have a structure inside the watch, a unit on alert for any unusual and unexpected health event. A team working 24 hours. What to do when faced with a situation like this”explained the state’s undersecretary of health, Luis Carlos Reblin.

The disease is rare and is usually transmitted through the respiratory system. because of virusIt causes symptoms such as excessive fatigue and muscle aches as well as cuts and blisters on the skin.

Specialists note that in the face of any sign of infection, a person seeks medical help in order to be treated properly and even prevent transmission of infection to other people.

Reblin also says that residents play a very important role in preventing disease and should pay attention to hygiene measures such as washing their hands with soap and water, using alcohol gel, and it is recommended that masks be used indoors.

“We should always be concerned from a public health point of view. In Brazil there is an observation room for monkeypox as it did with the coronavirus. It is looking at all entry points in the country, which is also on alert in the face of any suspects.” He said.

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Human and monkey pox: Symptoms, differences and similarities

Doctors estimate that monkeypox is much less deadly than smallpox in humans. They even explain that it manifests itself in a milder way. Although it is transmitted in a similar way, infection between humans is also more difficult.

Symptoms of the two diseases are very similar. They include extreme tiredness, fever, sore throat, and muscle aches. Another feature they bring is the appearance of blisters on the skin. In the case of monkeypox, the lymph nodes often swell. They act as filters for harmful substances and contain immune cells that help fight them infections.

Symptoms of the disease usually appear between 5 and 21 days after contact with the virus. The most important ones:

– Back ache;

– body aches;

Excessive fatigue.

– Fever;

– Headache;

Sores and blisters on the skin.

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Routine smallpox vaccination ends as cases are eliminated in Brazil

Smallpox cases in many countries have led to uncertainty and many questions. Among them, whether the human smallpox vaccine is effective against monkeypox.

The last recorded cases of smallpox in Brazil were in 1971. Since then, no new cases have been reported in the country.

A few years later, in the 1980s, the disease was eradicated. World Health Organization (Who is the), the complete eradication of smallpox after an extensive global vaccination campaign.

Since the announcement of the eradication of smallpox that Vaccines They are no longer routinely applied against disease. According to information from the Butantan Institute, “the smallpox vaccine is only recommended for people at high risk of exposure, such as laboratory and health care workers who handle smallpox virus or related materials.”

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Treatment and prevention

Health authorities and experts say there is no proven and safe treatment for infection caused by the smallpox virus and symptoms usually go away on their own.

Some medications are often used. This is the case with the antivirals tecovirimat, cidofovir, and brincidofovir.

The traditional smallpox vaccine “can be used before and after exposure and is up to 85% effective in preventing smallpox”, according to Britain’s Health Safety Agency, with seven cases detected since the beginning of May.

“People who were vaccinated against smallpox in childhood may have a milder disease,” the agency added.

To avoid illness, the main thing is to stay away from the virus. People traveling through endemic countries need to avoid contact with sick animals. It is always recommended to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol gel. It is also important to stay away from infected people.

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