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Published on 08/31/2021 6:13 PM


On the night of Tuesday (8/31), the Brazilian delegation participates in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020, bearing the mark of 101 gold medals won at the Paralympic Games. Finals in swimming, athletics, shooting, cycling, sports shooting, and two bronze medal decisions in bocce could bring Brazil closer to beating the 72nd podium finish occupied at Rio 2016. Currently, the nation ranks sixth in the overall medal table, with a total of 42 medals (14) gold, 11 silver and 17 bronze).

Tuesday (8/31)

Swimming – SportTV
21h08 – 100m Freestyle S6 (Tallison Glock, Gabriel Mellon) – Qualifiers

Swimming – no transmission
21h56 – 200m medley SM9 (Reuters Silva) – Qualifiers
22h34 – 50m Freestyle S5 (Daniel Dias) – Qualifiers
22h41 – 50m Freestyle S8 (Cecilia Araujo) – Qualifiers

Athletics – SportTV
21 h 42 – 100m T11 (Lucas Prado, Daniel Mendes, Felipe Gomez) – Qualifiers

Athletics – no broadcast
23h 100m T53 (Brazilian Ariosvaldo Fernandez, or Bari) – Qualifiers
23h15 100m T36 (Samira Brito, Tasetha Cruz) – Qualifying

Volleyball Sit – SportTV
22h Brazil x Italy (women)

Bocce – No Send
21h30 – BC2: Maciel Santos vs. Rawut Saengampa (Thailand) – Bronze medal dispute
22 h 40 – BC1: Jose Carlos Chagas vs Andre Ramos (Portugal) – Bronze medal dispute

Archery – no transmission
21 h 51 – W1 Women’s Singles – Qualifiers
Reagan Silva – Victoria Romare (UK)
23h16 – W1 Female (Rejane Silva, qualifier) ​​- Semi-finals

Table tennis – no broadcast
22h – Brazil x Turkey (women’s teams 9-10) – Quarter-finals

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Sports shooting – no transmission
23h30 SH2 10m Air Rifle (Alexander Augusto Galgani) – Qualifiers

Wednesday (1/9)

Swimming – SportTV, TV Brasil, TV Brasil Play
5 h 14 – 100m Freestyle S6 (Tallison Glock, Gabriel Mellon, Qualifying) – Final

Swimming – Brazil TV and Brazil TV
6 h 31 – 200m SM9 medley (Reuter Silva, qualifying) – Final

Swimming – SportTV, TV Brasil, TV Brasil Play
7h29 – 50m Freestyle S5 (Daniel Dias qualified) – Final
7h36 – 50m Freestyle S8 (Cecilia Araujo, qualify) – Final

Goalball – SportTV
5 h 45 – Brazil x China (Women) – Quarter-finals

Athletics – no broadcast
7 x 10 – 100m T36 (Samira Brito qualified, Tasetha Cruz) – Final
7h20 – 100m T53 (Aristofaldo Fernandez Qualified) – Final
8 h – 100m T12 (Vivian Soares) – Qualifiers

Athletics – SportTV
9h12 – 100m T11 (Lucas Prado, Daniel Mendes and Felipe Gomez qualified) – Semi-finals

Archery – no transmission
0 x 12 – W1 Female (Rejane Silva, qualifier) ​​- Final

Cycling – no transmission
0 o 20 – H1-4 Street Race (Jady Malavazzi Martins) – Final

Sports shooting – no transmission
1h45 SH2 10m Air Rifle Flat (Alexander Augusto Galgani) – Final

Table tennis – no broadcast
7h30 – Brazil x Turkey (women’s teams from the 9-10 category, if they qualify) – Semi-finals

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