In Granja Comary, Richarlison has been notified of a R$20 million debt claim from former agents.

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While concentrating with the rest of the team at Granja Comary, in Teresópolis, Serrana do Rio, Richarlison received a visit from a court official, last Friday, the 25th. The player was notified of a process related to a debt of approximately R20 million with former clients.

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The information was first reported on the “GE” website; Entrepreneurs Ricardo Mendes and Luciano Martins want to get 19.7 million Brazilian riyals from the attacker’s current agents, at the expense of the agency contract that the player signed with the duo in 2015.

Currently, Richarlison is represented by Renato Velasco and Luca Bertolucci – the son of businessman Giuliano Bertolucci. The required amount of the two is justified in transfer commissions and a percentage of the player’s wages. England striker Everton was revealed by América-MG and bypassed by Fluminense and Watford.

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The lawsuit was filed in 2020, however, Richarlison, who lives in England, has just been mentioned. Even Mendes and Martins’ lawyers sent an international legal notice to the UK.

Through a press release, Richarlison’s cast confirmed the episode.

Richarlison became aware of the process through a subpoena received last Friday (25/06), and according to his attorney, this is a damages action involving a discussion between his manager and another businessman in the sector, a request that stated in the statement.

“The player explains that all the commissions due throughout his career have been paid in full, either by the player himself or by the clubs he played for. In this way, the request is not related to the athlete, but rather to the discussion of a third party. His lawyers are trying to exclude him from improper responsibility” .

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A permanent fixture, the striker returns to the field on Friday, 2, alongside the Brazilian national team, to face Chile, in the Copa America quarter-final. The match takes place in Nilton Santos, Rio, and is scheduled for 9 p.m.

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