Scientists want to send pictures of naked humans into space

Scientists want to send pictures of naked humans into space

Made by Beacon in the Galaxy (BITG), a project that suggests sending a file A new message to space to contact some extraterrestrial intelligence. Such a message will be encoded in a binary system Intended to be readable by potential recipients It includes Mathematical and physical scientific concepts as well as the human form.

The project was implemented by scientists from several institutions, such as Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and NASA’s Department of Aeronautics and Space Engineering (USA), as well as universities in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and China.

The proposed message from the team will include information about the biochemical makeup of life on Earth, the position of the Solar System in the Milky Way, as well as digital representations of it. One The invitation will also be added to any intelligence you may receive.

Although the proposal was announced in March with a publication in arxivJust Recently details of nudity in the illustrations we intend to sendDraw the attention of the media.

As new as it may sound, the human interest in discovering and connecting with intelligent life through attractive resources has been around for decades. In 1977, gold plates sent with the Voyage space probes already included this type of image.

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