ES Government – Fapes holds seminars on projects from the graduate programs Capixabas Proapem and Proapex

ES Government – Fapes holds seminars on projects from the graduate programs Capixabas Proapem and Proapex

Projects under development contracted by the State Foundation for the Support of Research and Innovation Espirito Santo (Fapes) to support emerging postgraduate programs at Capixabas (Proapem – Notice 04/2022) and Capixaba Postgraduate Excellence (Proapex – 07/2020) have presented their partial results a week in two virtual seminars .

Each symposium was a sample of what had been produced to date. Beneficiaries provided the breakdown of the amount received, the stage the project has reached, the goal, the results already achieved and the next steps until completion. Each project included in the graduate programs aims to improve assessments before the Coordination for the Improvement of Personnel in Higher Education (Capes) – an institution linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Education that works to expand and strengthen graduate studies in the strict sense of the word in all Brazilian states.

The notifications were launched in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, as essential for the resumption of actions within programs supported by resources from the State Science and Technology Fund (Funcitec). In Proapex, five projects from different fields of activity, such as biotechnology, social policy, electrical engineering, public health and physiological sciences, were presented.

The projects received an investment of R$ 7 million to increase the state’s research. At Proapem, 19 projects were supported with R$6 million, with the aim of achieving greater national and international expectations, promoting excellence in research and human resources training in postgraduate studies in Espírito Santo.

The results were analyzed by six assessors who considered this to be a significant advance in postgraduate studies at Espiritu Santo. The highlight was the unanimous thanks to the state government for sustaining investments in programs during the critical phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even with the difficulties of the economy and other scenarios, Fapes has stood out nationally for its proactive actions and keeping notice. The assessors of the CNPq Level 1 Research Productivity Grant are Gilberto Fellman, Eugenio de Bona Castellan Neto, Olga Lucia Castrigini de Freitas, Esper Abraão Cavalheiro, Sergio Ruffo Roberto, Egberto Gaspar de Moura.

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The presentations by the coordinators of the Proapem and Proapex projects were accompanied by the Scientific Technical Director of Fapes, Celso Sibel, who categorized the events as a positive act of responsibility and transparency with the investments of the state government, in order to raise the level of capexaba postgraduate studies.

“It serves as a moment of accountability and reflection on the results achieved, budget implementation, difficulties and adjustments that need to be made until the projects are completed. It was very positive to hear from external evaluators and project coordinators that Proapex and Proapem have been instrumental in maintaining the high standard of postgraduate studies at Espiritu Santo, in The areas supported during a period of difficulty obtaining resources from federal agencies, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic,” highlighted Celso Sibel.

Some Proapex results

The Postgraduate Program in Social Policy at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (PPGPS/Ufes) has raised funds from the Proapex Notice for the period from 2020 to 2025, in the amount of approximately R$ 1.5 million. Professor Daniel Sampaio spoke about the support he received from Fabis and the results achieved.

“This amount has been key to strengthening the internationalization process of PPGPS/Ufes, making funding available to students and teachers for the programme. Partnerships have been established with countries such as Argentina, Canada, China, Greece, UK and others. It is important to highlight that PPGPS/Ufes has been able to achieve a score of 6 in The last quadrennial evaluation of Capes (2017-2020), anticipating the main goal of achieving grade 6 in the current four years (2021-2024). Moreover, the journal “Argumentum” reached the highest level (A1) in the last evaluation,” he explained. Daniel Sampaio.

For Professor Domingos Simonetti, the support received from Proapex 2020, the graduate program in Electrical Engineering at Ufes, has made significant progress and provided scholarships to students, when the availability of scholarships from other bodies or notifications was exhausted, which was necessary to keep students in the program.

“The equipment acquired has already made it possible to advance much research that was constrained by equipment limitations. The presence of two research professors from foreign institutions, for ten days, has helped to improve the studies carried out, and to promote integration with other groups. Likewise, the visit has helped The technical work carried out by the program professor to the European institutions promotes and strengthens the relations between the program groups and foreign groups,” said Domingos Simonetti.

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The Postgraduate Program in Physiological Sciences-PPGCF/Ufes, rated 5 by Capes, aims to train Masters and Doctors for work in teaching, research, extension and development activities, as well as scientific and technological publishing. project coordinator, Professor Silvana Meirelles evaluated the results achieved.

“Thanks to the resources obtained at Proapex/2021, the PPGCF has so far trained 14 doctors and 23 masters; Produced more than 20 scientific articles; Established four partnerships with international researchers; Promoting scientific publishing and training of new students through lectures and scientific activities in summer courses; He represented the Office in many scientific events and encouraged internationalization, receiving foreign professors and students to teach courses and participate in research activities,” the professor praised. Silvana Meirelles.

Some results of Probeam

Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Public Policy and Local Development at the University of Uves, Dr. Itala María Pinheiro Bezerra, praised Proapim’s efforts in promoting academic research and development. “We consolidated our integrated space, the Public Policy Laboratory, through funding from the public notice that helped purchase equipment. “The integration allowed us to expand our program and contributed to social inclusion, an important requirement for our evaluation,” he added.

According to the professor, the results showed a positive transformation of the program, enhanced collaboration, talent retention and a positive impact on the academic communities as well as the population. “This project represents not only an investment in student training and program strengthening, but also an impetus for scientific, technological and social progress at the regional, national and international levels,” Itala Bezerra stressed.

The Graduate Program in Biochemistry – PPGBiq at Ufes received the project “Supporting the consolidation of the Graduate Program in Biochemistry – Ufes” approved at Proapem 2022. The main objective of the proposed project was to integrate PPGBiq/Ufes, allowing it to increase the evaluation of the heads And creating appropriate conditions for holding a doctoral course.

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Professor Juliana Gonçalves highlighted the main points of project development. “During the first year, resources were invested in obtaining the necessary reagents to develop research projects and implement the master’s scholarship. He stressed that internationalization procedures will continue as the project progresses.

She also confirmed that in addition to the publication of influential articles by students and teachers, the PPGBiq assessment score has been raised to 4 and the PhD course in Biochemistry has been approved. “Therefore, the Fapes-Proapem Notice represents an important incentive for the consolidation of PPGBiq, allowing the return of well-trained researchers and quality science to Espírito Santo and Brazilian society,” explained Juliana Gonçalves.

What is Propex:

It is a public call for proposals aimed at strengthening graduate programs narrow narrow, They have a professional academic doctorate degree and a 5 degree in capstones. The goal is to provide financial support to encourage the integration of excellent PPGs into public or private non-profit educational institutions (HEI/p), existing in the State, as well as to attract students and researchers from other states and countries to existing PPGs in the State Espirito Santo, and to promote the dissemination of technical and scientific production and activities. and innovation developed in higher education institutions.

What is Proapim:

Proapem aims to support the maintenance of the postgraduate ecosystem in Espírito Santo, stimulate the standardization and support of the rise of Capixabas Emerging PPGs, as well as promote the improvement of laboratory infrastructure available to PPGs. It also aims to stimulate the internationalization of PPGs and inter-institutional exchange of researchers and graduate students.

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