Research shows that artificial intelligence will be the most important technology in 2024

Research shows that artificial intelligence will be the most important technology in 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be the hottest area of ​​technology in 2024. That’s according to a survey by the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), which interviewed 350 technology executives in five countries, including the United States and Germany. Brazil. Furthermore, the survey showed that in the opinion of interviewees:

  • Telecommunications will be the sector most affected by innovations in the coming year.
  • 6G will be a work in progress in 2024 and is expected to become standard within the next 3 to 5 years.
  • Quantum computing will receive even more attention in 2024 due to its much greater computing power – a trillion times greater than that of today’s most advanced supercomputers, as well as its application to post-quantum cryptography and security.

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Artificial intelligence in 2024

a Research conducted by IEEE It seeks to understand the technology trends of 2024, and to this end, it interviewed 350 CTOs (Chief Technology Officers), IT Directors (Chief Information Officers) and IT Directors in the USA, UK, China, India and Brazil.

The survey showed that 65% of respondents believe generative AI will continue to dominate the technology in 2024. 44% believe 6G should become standard in the next three to five years.

Furthermore, when asked about the three main areas of importance in the coming year, participants responded:

  • Artificial intelligence in its various forms, machine learning and neural language processing (65%);
  • extended reality, including the metaverse and virtual reality (28%);
  • Cloud computing (24%).
  • 5G (22%)
  • Electric cars (20%).
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Interviewees believe in the future of 6G (Credit: Photon photo/Shutterstock)

Impact of artificial intelligence

Among the main applications of AI in the next year, respondents cited identifying and preventing cybersecurity vulnerabilities (54%); Increased efficiency in supply chain and warehouse automation (42%); Help and accelerate software development and automate customer service (38%).

Still others point to automating customer service, simplifying candidate selection, accelerating disease mapping, and automating utility energy sources.

A large percentage (41%) also revealed that they believe that artificial intelligence will increase the percentage of jobs by 26% – 50% in 2024.

Quantum computing will also play an important role in technology in the next year, according to interviewees (Image: Shutterstock/JLStock)

Technology in 2024

According to IEEE research, the five sectors most impacted by technology in 2024 will be:

  • communications (41%, compared to 40% in 2023);
  • Manufacturing (39%, compared to 30% in 2023);
  • Banking and financial services (39%, compared to 33% in 2023);
  • Automotive and transportation sector (31%, compared to 39% in 2023);
  • Energy (31% compared to 33% in 2023).

Furthermore, 42% of respondents agreed that 5G will impact vehicle connectivity and automation and that the sectors of telemedicine, distance learning, entertainment, sports and live event broadcasting, among others, will benefit from 5G in Brazil.

Quantity and sustainability

In addition to AI, respondents also see significant effects from quantum (87% agree, 51% strongly agree). 86% believe quantum computing will feature greater computing power, with better encryption and security.

They still believe that sustainability will remain a priority (92% agree, 54% strongly agree) and that technologies will prioritize sustainability goals.

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