Military personnel use Thatcher’s phrase to say Bolsonaro is ‘bad and will pass’

Military personnel use Thatcher's phrase to say Bolsonaro is 'bad and will pass'

High-ranking military personnel use a phrase by former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to say that Jair Bolsonaro’s government is “bad and will pass”. The British said: “Democracy is not a system that ensures the election of the best, but rather to prevent the bad from remaining forever.”

According to Uniforms, who are increasingly uneasy about Bolsonaro’s authoritarian kidnapping and neglect with the country – this Tuesday (31/8) he went horseback riding in a city in Minas Gerais – the 2022 election will be a great opportunity to get rid of it. from you of power.

“The alternation of power is good for democracy,” says a senior member of the armed forces. He notes that the bulk of the high-ranking military is echoing the representatives of the GDP, who reject any coup attempt in the country. “The economy is collapsing. Therefore, it is necessary to restore calm in the country,” he emphasizes.

Another senior military man says democracy is “loud,” but no one can cross the limits of the constitution. “Making noise is part of the game. What you cannot do is try to destabilize the country. We are just wasting time and the real problems are getting deeper. It is the poorest of the population who suffer,” he adds.

For the military, the Brazilian institutions are strong and will survive those who try to attack them. “There is no room for setbacks,” a third high-ranking costume confirms. He also emphasized that troop commanders have complete control over their forces who have been educated on the importance of democracy.

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Brasilia, 7:01 p.m.

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