It’s Cabral’s Fault: Fernanda Colombo Special Guest on Unprecedented Episode – Entertainment

It’s Cabral’s Fault: Fernanda Colombo Special Guest on Unprecedented Episode – Entertainment

A new episode of the show with Fabiano Campota, Nando Viana, Rafael Portugal, Rodrigo Márquez, and Thiago Ventura will air on Monday, October 9, for the first time on Paramount+, and at 9 p.m., on Comedy Central

Credits: Clipie Trevisan

A Culpa é do Cabral, a roundtable of humor dedicated by the quintet of comedians formed by Fabiano Campota, Nando Viana, Rafael Portugal, Rodrigo Márquez and Thiago Ventura, is back for its thirteenth season. Fernanda Colombo is a special guest on the episode that premieres next Monday, October 9, debuting on Paramount+ and at 9pm on Comedy Central.

In physical education, were you the last one selected? So, Nando Viana was after you. In the fifth episode of the season, the staff receives football referee and former sports commentator Fernanda Colombo, to talk about sports and behind the scenes of football refereeing. Of course, no sports program can afford to miss a dispute. At JACA, boys compete in the fastest growing sport in Taboão da Serra-SP: Felipong.

About the program

A Culpa é do Cabral presents a sharp quintet of comedians who guarantee a lot of laughter and comments that cannot always be published from comedic, sour and fun points of view according to each region of Brazil, after all, every presenter from the state is from the country. A Culpa é do Cabral is an original format inspired by “La Culpa és de Colón”, a program bringing together Latin American comedians, also created by Comedy Central.

All 12 previous seasons of A Culpa É do Cabral and A Culpa É do Cabral – Na Estrada as well as the special season A Culpa é do Cabral – 5 Anos are available on Paramount+, Paramount’s premium streaming service.

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And on Pluto TV, the exclusive channel A Culpa é do Cabral offers content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Brazil’s funniest comedy quintet, including:

It’s Cabral’s Fault: Seasons 1, 2 and 3 Cabral’s Fault on the Road: Season 1 It’s Not Our Fault – The Best of Cabral’s Fault Cabral – 520 Years Later Cabral’s Fault – Five Years Zoera It’s Cabral’s Fault: Mama’s Kids Special Cabral’s Fault: Head – Crankshaft Special

A Culpa é do Cabral is a Comedy Central project, produced by PTIS, a studio division of Paramount, in partnership with Teleimage.

Service >> New episode: It’s Cabral’s Fault – Season 13

New episode: Monday, October 9, first on Paramount+, and at 9pm on Comedy Central (check your network operator).

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