Is it healthy to urinate standing up?

Is it healthy to urinate standing up?

For many men, sitting peeing is a “girl thing,” but this has to change in the male mindset. Well, some factors to consider: How long can this be healthy? To pee standing or sitting? Which of the options is best for men? After all, is it healthy to pee standing up?

In most cultures around the world, men are taught from an early age to urinate standing up because it is easier and accessible in many places and also for reasons of masculinity.

In terms of health, in this article learn about the main advantages of each of these methods and how they can contribute to a healthy bladder.

Which is correct? Sitting or standing?

In order to know if urination is healthy standing, it is important to understand that in general, the male bladder can support between 300 and 600 ml of urine when the organ is functioning optimally.

When you are in a comfortable position, such as when urinating in a sitting position, the bladder sphincter and the muscles in the area are relaxed and thus urination becomes easier.

Men who have problems urinating, such as urologists, benefit from a sitting position while urinating, in addition to being more comfortable, it causes less pain.

In this sense, it is more appropriate and indicated to urinate sitting down because this position has a urodynamic profile, that is, it is easier to pass urine.

And there are theories that say this position may come to prevent cases of prostate cancer, even if there are no proven scientific studies.

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What is the healthiest way to urinate?

For many, standing can be a personal hygiene hassle. In many places, even in the men’s bathroom, a urinal is used and this induces standing up urination.

But the use of sitting urination can be adopted into everyday life when you know how clean the environment is and this can cooperate more.

Urinating while standing up can cause discomfort, such as leaving a speck of urine on the toilet and around the bathroom.

Finally, in Europe, signs have already been adopted in several places telling us that the toilet should be used sitting only for hygiene.

So now you know if it’s healthy to pee standing up. Please send this article to your friend who would like to know more about it.

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