The union warns of a dangerous situation in the SUS audit

The union warns of a dangerous situation in the SUS audit

The Unified Health System, responsible for providing services to millions of Brazilians, has demanded, from its inception, a strong, independent and effective internal audit.

The Union of National Audit System Servers of SUS (Sinasus/Unasus Sindical) has been mobilized in the struggle to establish the audit profession in SUS and open a specific negotiating table with the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services (MGI).

The National Audit System (SNA) is part of the structure of the Ministry of Health and has been established previously Law No. 8689/1993, with responsibilities focused on technical and scientific accounting, financial and property evaluation of the SUS, and is promoted in a decentralized manner. The National Accounts System was organized by Decree No. 1651 dated 9/28/1995, as a unique and distinct system that complements the internal and external control systems, and includes specialists from the Ministry of Health who specialize in public health.

The Federal Court of Audit (TCU) recommended the structuring of the internal control/audit profession defined in the SUS by decisions dating back to 1993. In fiscal year 2017, Ruling No. 1246/2017 – TCU Plenary The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the then Ministry of Planning, Development and Administration, Ministry of Transparency and Inspection and the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU), recommended the development of an action plan to provide Denasus/MS staff and audit services to the 26 state centres.

The number of servers reached 1,226, but today there are 460 servers, which indicates that the situation is more serious and systematically hinders audit procedures.

What measures have been taken to address this situation?

In 2016, the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management (MPOG) had already proposed the structuring of DINASUS positions and careers, which led to the publication of a report Law No. 13,328/2016. However, the article of the law relating to SUS audit was repealed.

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In mid-March 2023, in a meeting with the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, the Board of Directors of Unasus Sindical and the Board of Directors of Denasus presented the importance of establishing the audit profession at SUS, and the Denasus structuring project was discussed.

On 5/30/2023, the process dealing with the creation of a profession as a federal auditor and technician for the System of National Accounts (SNA) was addressed by the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services, where it is waiting for the installation of the specific device at the negotiating table to deal with our request to create a profession in component auditing. Federal System of National Accounts.

The project is supported by SUS legislation, as well as the support and assistance of the Mixed Parliamentary Front for the Defense of the Syrian National Army, the recommendations of Resolution No. 1246/2017 – TCU-Plenary, and the directives of the Federal Public Ministry, expressed in Civil Investigation No., Which highlights the urgent need to adopt measures aimed at structuring the department appropriately, with the aim of enhancing transparency and control of federal resources allocated to public health.

Parliamentary Front for the Defense of the Syrian National Army

On 3/10/2023, in the Freitas Nobre Hall of the House of Representatives, a project was launched A mixed parliamentary front to defend the SUS national audit system, With a lead role from Unasus Sindical and support from Denasus. Federal Representative Jorge Sola, head of the Front, stressed the importance of the National Accounts System, which is responsible for auditing and monitoring the volume of resources allocated to the SUS system and ensuring the health of millions of users, stressing “the necessity of restructuring the federal component of the SUS system.” “National Health System”. Reviewing the unified health system with its units stationed in each state of the federation and linking it to the Ministry of Health and transforming it into a specific and individual body or in another way that guarantees its administrative independence through its administrative independence. budget”.

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Dinasos staff, Fenaud president and FRONT president at the launch ceremony in the House of Representatives
Frente President and Federal Representative Jorge Sola and Dynasus employees at the launch ceremony in the House of Representatives

Front launch opening table

30 years of struggle to create an auditing profession in SUS

The Ministry of Health expressed its support for strengthening SUS auditing, with the aim of improving the monitoring of public resources and the quality of health services provided to the Brazilian population. However, we are still waiting for the negotiating table to open to begin discussions on the project presented and located at MGI.

The only procedure that has been approved so far is sending the project by the Ministry of Health on 5/30/2023 to MGI. Since then, the union has been requesting and repeating every day with MGI the immediate installation of a specific board of directors to deal with the establishment of the audit profession in SUS, without achieving success.

The Board of Directors of Unasus Sindical recognizes that, in addition to the formal referral, greater commitment and demands are needed from the Minister of Health to the Ministry of Management and Innovation, with the aim of enhancing speed in project processing. It is necessary for the Ministry of Health to demonstrate to MGI that the establishment of the SUS Audit profession has priority in its projects and agendas, with the aim of controlling and supervising public resources allocated to health.


Hugo Barreto/Metropolis
Hugo Barreto/Metropolis

Hugo Barreto/Metropolis
Hugo Barreto/Metropolis

Hugo Barreto/Metropolis

The establishment of the Career Plan and Effective Positions for Federal Employees of SNA (PCCSFSNASUS), the opening of new vacancies for Denasus and the strengthening of the performance of civil servants currently working in audit activities of SUS cannot be postponed.

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It is the responsibility of the federal government to maintain audit procedures within the scope of the SUS system, and we have been fighting this battle for 30 years. It is time to move forward, towards strengthening the audit of the SUS, the System of National Accounts, and the civil servants who have been diligently carrying out their activities, even with the radical reduction in the workforce.

Wake up, Brazil! Wake up MS and MGI! Save the SUS audit! Career now! Public competition now! Evaluate current DENASUS servers now!

“The functional project that MS sent to MGI has no financial impact on the budget, which makes it impossible to understand why there was so much delay in the evaluation and redirection of the project by the federal government.”

Wilhams Ramos de Souza, Parliamentary Director of the Onassus Region

“Creating a career as a federal auditor for the SUS is essential for the health of Brazil. It is a benefit for all Brazilians.”

Solímar Méndez, Vice President of the National Audit System Employees Union of SUS

“Three decades without a federal audit component profession. Many states and municipalities have the profession while the federal state does not.

Alex Sandro da Baixao, economist

Representatives from Sinasos/Onassos Syndical
President: José Wagner de Queiroz
Vice President: Solímar Mendes
Public Relations, Social and Communications Director: Graça Fantonelli
Director of Parliamentary Affairs: Wilhams de Souza

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