Increases the number of notifications of HIV cases in ES

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a Holy Spirit There are currently about 19,000 people infected with HIV. This is what the National Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS has shown. Official data for 2019 from the Minister of State for Health (sisa) they realized that the state had 12,985 people infected with the virus in the year in question.

However, Espírito Santo has the fourth lowest spread of the virus compared to other states in the country. According to Unaids, an agency associated with the United Nations, in Brazil, in 20 years, the number of people living with HIV has more than doubled and is approaching one million.

According to Sidney Barreras de Oliveira, of Rede Nacional, the lack of information about the disease in the past has led to a constant wave of discrimination and prejudice. He’s been HIV positive for 24 years and said it was a “huge blow” when he found out.

For him, although the information today is more accessible to the entire population, there is still a lack of discussions to demystify the disease. He even wonders why the topic isn’t discussed in schools and public places, for example.

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goal of the United Nations (United nations) is to bring the number of infections to zero by 2030. Experts believe, but experts, that the goal will not be achieved with difficulty.

In health units, people find a gateway to AIDS treatment. In addition to the medicines provided by SUS, in these places other medicines are offered that prevent a person from getting sick. There is still no cure for this disease, only treatment. For infectious disease specialist Lauro Ferreira, developing a vaccine against HIV is much more difficult than making a vaccine against, say, coronavirus.

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* With information from reporter Lucas Henrique Pisa, Vitoria TV / Record TV

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