What is sleep hygiene and how does it affect health?

What is sleep hygiene and how does it affect health?

Includes technology Healthy habits Which improves the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep Overnight, says the Mayo Clinic (a North American non-profit medical entity dedicated to education and research).

There are many recommendations for sleep hygiene It can vary from one source to another. But most of the steps associated with this principle include the following rituals:

  • Wake up and sleep At the same time every day;
  • Try sleeping in one space whatever Silent, dark And with A Beautiful Weather;
  • Avoid using electronic devices In the bedroom; that it Do not consume Caffeine Or alcohol Before bedtime.

Other suggestions also include Build the habit of writing in a diary, Listen to soothing music that it Create a routine to bed time.

“Lack of sleep A disturbed sleep pattern or sleep routine can have a significant impact “Well-being and mindfulness during the day”, learn about the chapter on sleep hygiene in the book “Integrative sleep medicine” Published by Oxford University Press in 2021.

The text explains that behaviors that ignore sleep hygiene can lead to sleep disturbance Insomnia attacks and their continuation.

On the other hand, when These behaviors They are identified and treated It can have a positive effect on sleep“.

Although sleep hygiene is not considered a primary treatment in itself for chronic insomnia, it can be a treatment Supplementary action to improve Sleep quality Thus contributing to general well-being.

Good sleep reduces recurrence and the risk of problems Serious health problems. It also reduces stress, Improves moodAllow Think clearlyAnd perform better at school or work, avoid injuries and make better decisions, notes the US Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODHPP).

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