Hospital Covid workers may go on strike on Friday – Radar

Hospital Covid workers may go on strike on Friday - Radar

Officials at Covid Hospital, in Ionapolis, will hold a public assembly, on Friday (21), to decide whether to strike indefinitely until the payment of wages is settled. Since the hospital started operating in July last year, The salary was paid between 20 and 25When it is on the fifth workday of every month.

On Thursday afternoon (20), a one-hour break is scheduled, as announced by a nursing worker from the health unit on their social media networks.

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“Unfortunately, we have everything to do the first field hospital strike in Bahia, and we’re not happy to pass on this information,” said Sintesi and Sindtae / BA Director, Raimundo Santana.

“The prevailing impression on the workers, and this is also the evaluation of the unions, is that both the institution and the Health Department in Ionapolis are ignoring the condition of the field hospital workers, as if it were a joke,” he criticized.

In April, after months of searching for a solution to wage arrears, Sintesi (Union of Health Workers of Itapuna and its Territory) and Sindtae (Union of Nursing Technicians and Nursing Aides in the Southern and Far South regions of Bahia) filed a lawsuit against Fundação Gonçalves e Sampaio, which runs the hospital . The unions are demanding that wages be paid on time and compensation for moral damage.

Even as the lawsuit starts in court, wages continue to be paid late. “Nothing has changed. The union leader said that today is the 20th and the wages for the month of May have not yet been paid.

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The Foreign Minister confirms the delay

In an interview with a local radio last month, the municipal health minister said, Anara Sartorio, Confirmed that there was a delay in the transfer made by the municipality to Fundação Gonçalves e Sampaio. According to her, the state is deposited on the fifth of every month and the municipality needs to conduct a monthly check to verify whether the institution is fulfilling all services, and thus the delay in making the transfer.

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