Health Exchange: Partnerships between countries to develop a COVID-19 vaccine expand business opportunities

Health Exchange: Partnerships between countries to develop a COVID-19 vaccine expand business opportunities

On Thursday, July 29, BRUKonnection gathers guests from Brazil and the UK to discuss medical developments in the midst of the pandemic.

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The race to produce vaccines against COVID-19 has introduced partnerships between countries around the world – a collaborative network that has made a difference in the speed with which immune systems are becoming available to populations. Brazil and the United Kingdom were part of these measures. Last year, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) signed an agreement with biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to produce the vaccine being developed by Oxford University in Brazil. Currently, millions of doses are distributed to the population of Brazil. The vaccine is among the vaccination agents with the highest rate of application in the country and has contributed to the decrease in the number of hospitalizations and deaths.

To discuss this exchange and other collaborative initiatives in the health field between the two countries, professionals from Brazil and the United Kingdom will meet in a live broadcast on Thursday, July 29, at 5pm. The online event is part of the BRUKonnection project, a partnership between the reputable Central Press and the British Embassy in Brazil.

The participants in this edition are a Brazilian PhD student in Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Oxford, Ricardo Parolin Schechenberg; Director of Health and Life Sciences Business Development at the British Government in Brazil, Juliana Kayers; and International Strategic Projects Consultant at Fundação Araucária, Eliane Segatti Rios. The event, mediated by journalist Carolina Gomez, was inaugurated by the Honorary Consul of the United Kingdom in Parana, Adam Patterson.

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The BRUKonnection series of events always takes place on the last Thursday of the month, gathering guests from both countries to discuss business ties and opportunities in the Queen’s Land and how Brazilians stand there. Participation is free and must be entered through the site

In the first two events, discussions revolved around employment, work and study opportunities in the UK. Contents are available in video on the Central Press channel at YoutubeIn podcast format spotify.


Live: BR + UK – Connected to Health

Date: Thursday, July 29

Time: 17 hours


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