Formula E driver Sette Câmara starts season confident: ‘I’m ready to show my best’

Formula E driver Sette Câmara starts season confident: ‘I’m ready to show my best’

The new Formula E season starts on Saturday (14) at the ePrix in Mexico City. On the grid, Brazilian Sérgio Sette Câmara starts the year in a new team, the Chinese NIO333 Racing. Committed to the electric single-seater segment for four years now, he feels ready to put his best foot forward on the racetrack.

In an exclusive interview with R7Sette Câmara states that he had pre-season tests in Valencia and that his performance was satisfactory, remaining in the top 8 classification, among the 22 drivers making up the 11 teams.

“The evolution of the car will happen throughout the season and I’m sure NIO has a group of competent professionals to carry out this development constantly,” says the Brazilian, who believes there are many variables to be a champion. “I am sure that in every opportunity that arises, I will be ready to show my best.”

In 2023, Formula E embraced changes such as the Gen3 – a car that replaces the old Gen2 -, new tyres, a race distance limited by laps rather than time, and during the season, a pit stop will be offered to recharge individual seats at breakneck speed.

For the driver, the third generation car, which can reach more than 320 km / h, bears many differences compared to the second generation. “The new car is much more powerful,” he explained, “and it has two electric motors – one in the back and one in the front, that uses all renewable energy. The car is much faster, heavier and, logically, harder to control.”

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Sette Câmara believes that the changes to the individual seats should affect the races, that there should be more overtaking and that they will require the pilots to better manage the batteries. He also believes that pit stops will bring a new kind of excitement to the stages.

NIO333 Racing is the pilot’s new “home” from 2023. The Chinese team has been in FE since the opening of the championship and has been involved in technical and sporting changes. In recent years they have been at the back of the field, but have invested in the workforce, with new engineers and machinists. “I think we’ll have consistently good potential in the scoring area,” he assures.

The Brazilian has passages through Formula 1 and 2, but feels he is “100% adapted” to Formula E. “Since my first test in the category, at the beginning of 2020, I felt very good with the equipment. Driving an FE for me is a great privilege, above all. I am part of the World Championship, which includes races on five continents, ”he said. He said.

The opening stage in Mexico teases Set Camara, who loves the Mexico City ePrix and listens to the Mexican fans cheering from inside the car. “I’m really excited. The track is really cool. It’s one of the fastest tracks of the year and it will allow us to get the most out of the new cars,” he comments.

As far as the FE season has just begun, the Brazilian is looking forward to the São Paulo ePrix, which will be held for the first time in 2023. The Metropolitan Council has signed an agreement to take over the category for a period of five years. He concludes, “The expectation of legal racing in Brazil is very high. Running in front of my family, friends and sponsors will be a different emotion. I am sure it will be a unique experience.”

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After the stage in Mexico, there will be stages in Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Monaco, Indonesia, the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom. The São Paulo e Brix Festival takes place on March 25, on the outskirts of Anhembi Sambodramo, north of the city.

* Trained in R7Under the direction of Pietro Otsuka

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