Euro 2021 – UEFA threatens to remove UK final venue

Euro 2021 - UEFA threatens to remove UK final venue

Europe of controversy. of horror. from the epidemic. There is no quiet day at UEFA headquarters or anything related to the tournament. Grand Final location may change, click on the link and Receive your betfair promo code To win a bonus and enjoy this game and others, according to information collected by the British newspaper “The Times”. The controversy may be due to the difference in the criteria for VIP entry to the stadium.

If the UK government does not guarantee exemption from quarantine for the 2,500 guests who will attend the meeting, the organization will consider moving it to Budapest (Hungary). These people include UEFA and FIFA officials, politicians and sponsor members.

As planned, England will currently host the semi-finals and final at Wembley Stadium in London (next July 11). However, all of that can change. Boris Johnson’s office is considering a proposal to exempt officials, politicians and other dignitaries from quarantine. It should be remembered that the UK requires a ten-day quarantine for people coming from countries on the yellow or red lists.

With the repercussions of the news, UEFA representatives were questioned by the international press about the idea of ​​relocating the headquarters of the last three Euro matches and reported that they only learned from the European press of the possibility of replacing Budapest with London.

Currently, Hungary only enters citizens, residents and those with invitation documents from national institutions or fans who have tickets for the Euro Games, as long as their stay does not exceed 72 hours and a negative test for Covid-19 is submitted. But next Thursday (24), the borders with some European countries are scheduled to open, which could facilitate the games in the country.

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In the UK Parliament, to prevent the transfer of funds, MPs are discussing creating more flexible rules, which they can exempt with admission and other approved stakeholders from being quarantined. One of UEFA’s solutions would be to create bubbles, so that the public can only visit authorized places.

All European Cup Champions

public a hero vice last Location
2016 Portugal France 1 x 0 France
2012 Spain Italy 4 x 0 Poland / Ukraine
2008 Spain Germany 1 x 0 Austria / Switzerland
2004 Greece Portugal 1 x 0 Portugal
2000 France Italy 2 x 1 (fold) Netherlands / Belgium
1996 Germany Czech Republic 2 x 1 (fold) England
1992 Denmark Germany 2 x 0 Sweden
1988 Holland Soviet Union 2 x 0 Germany
1984 France Spain 2 x 0 France
1980 ocidental Germany Belgium 2 x 1 Italy
1976 CZ ocidental Germany 2 x 2 (5 x 3 criminals) Yugoslavia
1972 ocidental Germany Soviet Union 3 x 0 Belgium
1968 Italy Yugoslavia 1 x 1 e 2 x 0 Italy
1964 Spain Soviet Union 2 x 1 Spain
1960 Soviet Union Yugoslavia 2 x 1 (fold) France

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