Ecstasy variable

Ecstasy variable

After the Indian variant of covid-19, which has plagued India and has strong negative effects in the UK, is now trying to stop an outbreak of a rare species discovered in Bordeaux. In theory it might be more contagious, but there is no evidence to present a greater risk to the population. The French authorities are implementing several health measures to stop the outbreak in Bordeaux, in the southwest of the country. Meanwhile, health officials launched a massive vaccination campaign in the region and required all adults to be vaccinated. In the next three weeks, about 15,000 additional doses of vaccines will arrive, with 5,000 doses starting to be distributed in the week that now begins. There are at least 46 people infected with the VOC 201 / 484Q variant in the Bacalan region of Bordeaux, but none of them is in a disturbing situation. These are mainly very young patients, as almost all elderly people have been vaccinated.

Virus mutations have become a formidable challenge to different continents. Mismatches and the need to restore the economy in the spring and summer season are causing air travel to gradually return to normal, but experts remain very concerned. Only vaccination can reduce the risk.

Football fans continue to listen to merchants, with or without vaccination, concentrated in the streets and squares as if the pandemic had not been present. Rejoicing of Vizela’s supporters – who had reached first class – filled public space on Saturday, ignoring the bad example set by Leos earlier. On Sunday, Portuguese Cup day, Coimbra – where the Grand Final took place – was able to anticipate a preventive security policy and put it in place at the right time and at the right time, to be a good example of regulation.

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Congratulations soccer and music

Congratulations to the Portuguese Cup winner, highlighted today in this edition, as well as tomorrow with a special collector’s offer. And congratulations to the representative of Portugal at the Eurovision Festival held in Rotterdam. Black Mamba did not win first place, but they are very well rated in light of the history that our country has recorded on this musical stage. Come over!

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