curiosity | “Jack’s Room”, the popular drama starring Brie Larson, is 6 years old!

curiosity |  "Jack's Room", the popular drama starring Brie Larson, is 6 years old!

before joining Marvel Cinematic Universe Like the famous Captain Marvel, Brie Larson He has appeared in a number of films that have been critically acclaimed by audiences – including the hit drama Jack’s roomwho celebrates his sixth birthday Today 4 September.

Inspired by the book of the same name written by Emma DonoghueThe movie tells the story of Jack.Jacob Tremblay), a five-year-old boy raised by his mother, Ma (Larson). Like any good mom, Ma devotes herself to keeping Jack happy and safe and building a relationship of trust with him through playtime stories and bedtime. However, their lives are far from normal: they are trapped in an area of ​​u200bu200b10 square meters. With Jack’s curiosity growing about their situation, Ma’s resilience has reached a breaking point. Then the two begin to plot an escape plan.

also brings Joan Allen NS William H. Messi For the cast, the film debuted at the Telluride Film Festival in 2015 and won a number of awards. In addition to indications for the best movieAnd Best Direction NS Lenny Abrahamson NS Best Adapted Screenplay NS Emma Donoghue At the Oscars, Larson took home a statue Best Actress, repeating this achievement at the BAFTA, Golden Globes, and SAG Awards.

to celebrate, or cinepop I have prepared a simple list with many intriguing things behind the scenes, which you can see below:

  • Larson isolated himself in his home for a month, with no phone or internet, and went on a strict diet to understand what Jack and Jack went through in the story. Larson also said that since he considers himself an introvert who prefers to stay home, he thinks the month of solitude will be easy; However, in the past week, she became very depressed and was crying all day.
  • In an effort to get them to connect, Tremblay’s mother asked him if he had any questions for Larson. Then ask three questions: her favorite color, her favorite animal, and whether or not she likes it ‘star Wars’.
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  • Tremblay, despite his acting before, couldn’t yell at Larson in scenes where his character gets angry at the fact that the birthday cake doesn’t have candles in it. To help him, Abrahamson asked the cast and creative team to start jumping and screaming so he could do the same.
  • Larson revealed that he avoided washing his face during filming to explain to the camera that he does not wear makeup.
  • The film was shot mostly sequentially, to facilitate Tremblay’s performance as the character developed.
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  • To preserve the stifling atmosphere, the first month of shooting was carried out in a very confined space, which was set up in a room of 11 square meters. The walls haven’t been removed to facilitate acting and storytelling – which means the director and crew need creative outlets to make it all work.
  • Donoghue wrote the screenplay for the feature film even before the original novel was officially published.
  • The film clearly refers to the classic novel “The Count of Monte Cristo”, from Alexandre Dumas. The book was mentioned by Ma to Jack: Ma tells his son that the main character has been trapped in a dungeon for many years.

  • Larson becomes the sixth consecutive actress to win an Academy Award for it Best Actress To play a character with a mental illness, followed by: Natalie PortmanPlaying a ballerina who suffers from hallucinations ‘black Swan’ (2010); Meryl Streep Like Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who suffered from dementia in ‘Iron Lady’ (2011); Jennifer Lawrence As a woman who suffered from bipolar in “The good side of life” (2012); Cate Blanchettlive social who suffers from psychotic intrusion ‘blue jasmine’ (2013); NS Julian Moore As a university professor with Alzheimer’s disease in “Forever Alice” (2014).
  • Emma WatsonAnd Ronnie Mara NS Shailene Woodley Quotes to play what’s in production.

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