Communication: IPAM Medical Assistance will be responsible to the servers

Communication: IPAM Medical Assistance will be responsible to the servers

Reply to a request from Sendiproof, the IPAM Presidency will hold a meeting on the accountability of medical assistance, in the plenary session of the Porto Velho City Council, at 4 pm on Monday 07.06. The meeting will be attended by union leaders representing the municipality’s public service and will be broadcast live on Sindeprof’s page.

Personnel who wish to participate in person in the meeting should contact Sindeprof and obtain accreditation to avoid crowding in the plenary of the House of Representatives; Or follow on Facebook – where you can ask questions and on YouTube with a link the legislature will provide. The server has many questions to ask about medical help.

According to Sindeprof President, Ellis Regina, the IPAM Presidency will provide details on many issues related to the aid sector. Recently we have received a lot of complaints about the ineligibility of clinics and professionals. The servers are acquired without supervision, although they contribute monthly to the institute. We will seek answers to these and other questions.”Counsellor evaluated.

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