Climate change threatens the Winter Games

You are Winter Olympics The future is threatened by climate change, which reduces the number of potential venues to host this major event in global sport – warned a report issued this Wednesday, just a week before the opening of Beijing 2022.

“The danger is clear: human-caused warming threatens the long-term future of winter sports,” asserts the report by researchers from the Environmental Sports Group, from Loughborough University in England, and Protect Our Winters.

“It also reduces the number of places set up for the Winter Olympics,” he adds.

The document takes as an example the Winter Games scheduled for February 4-20 in Beijing, which will be the first to rely heavily on artificial snow.

The text states that “the 2022 Winter Games will undoubtedly be an impressive spectacle that millions of people around the world will watch and enjoy.”

“But they also have to argue about the future of the Winter Games and the limits of the manufacturing of natural, artificial environments,” he adds.

According to the report, more than 100 snow generators and 300 snow cannons will operate non-stop to cover ski slopes with fake snow, wasting energy and water.

Of the 21 Winter Olympic venues since Chamonix 1924, only ten could host them in 2050 with sufficient natural snowfall.

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