Chrome reaches version 100: Learn 4 great news from Google’s browser

Chrome reaches version 100: Learn 4 great news from Google’s browser

a Google Chrome The 100th edition reached this Tuesday (29). indicated by a new icon (In early beta versions), the browser is more lively on Android, embracing more features from Material You, but ditched the Simple Mode, a feature that helped save mobile data on mobile phones and tablets. All this, of course, in the midst of many other novelties.

Nothing here, in fact, comes as a surprise to Chrome testers and those eager for news about Chrome browsers. Canaltech. Most – if not all – features have been tried out by Chrome Canary and Beta users over the past few weeks, with the expectation that features and tools that were under construction for the general public.

1. New icon

The first and most important news in Change the Chrome logo. The renovation leaves the icon in more saturated colors and is completely flat, but there is still a great similarity to the model implemented in 2014, the year of the last change. The icon will be visible in all the browser shortcuts that are there.

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The new logo is simpler and more saturated, but quite recognizable (Image: Elvin/Twitter)

2. More colors

Second, your material has the most influence on the Android browser interface. The floating menus, New Tab page, and Settings section are now colored in background tones.

Before (left) and after (right) the Chrome 100 update (Photo: Play/9to5Google)

3. Shortcut to mute tabs

In this compilation, the implementation of the final version has begun Shortcut to mute entire tabs in one click. The feature is well known to users of competing browsers like Edge — and even Chrome, which supported the feature but dropped it in 2018.

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The shortcut can currently be enabled as a flag in the experimental resource list chrome://flags (Capture: Igor Almenara/Canaltech)

Goodbye Lite Mode

Simple Mode or Simple Mode was a solution implemented by Google to help save mobile data when browsing the web in Chrome. The functionality was added to the browser in 2014, especially for Android, as it compressed pages to reduce the size of packets required to load content, and improve loading time.

Chrome’s Lite Mode for mobile phones should be phased out soon (Photo: Alveni Lisboa/Canaltech)

However, the situation has become unused as mobile communication technologies (4G and 5G) have developed, with increasingly generous and faster internet packages. After nearly eight years, no one is using data saving mode anymore, so will retire.

4. Complex transition

When the first three-digit grouping is reached, the . file Chrome is messing with the internet. Some web pages query the browser version while loading, but this check may be limited to two numbers, not three – causing Chrome 100 to read as Chrome 10.

The three numbers can cause problems for older sites (Image: Play/Google)

So, Google had to work with Mozilla, owner of Firefox, to make the three-digit pattern more popular — soon, Fox Browser will also reach build number 100. From there, it will be up to the developers to check the compatibility of the website and the three-browser platform. numbers.

Solving this problem will not be complicated, and it should not affect many sites. However, it’s very likely that pages that have been in development for decades – dating back to the 1990s or early 2000s – need repairs to handle the new software.

The update is coming gradually

As always, Google should slowly roll out the Chrome update across users and platforms. If you are using the browser on your computer, it is useful to check if there are packages available in the About Chrome section of the Help tab. On mobile, the update must be released in stores App Store And the Play Store.

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