Don't do this while your cell phone is charging or it will call for help

Don't do this while your cell phone is charging or it will call for help

One of the most common habits of those who have a mobile phone is to charge the device at night, or worse, in many cases, next to or even next to the pillow on the bed. According to David MacKay, a professor at the University of Cambridge, this practice carries risks, which appear to be harmless.

A person sleeps, on average, eight hours a night. Considering that it takes two to three hours for a cell phone to reach 100% charge, during the remaining five hours, the smartphone remains plugged in, wasting energy. Furthermore, leaving your cell phone plugged in for a long period of time may cause it to overheat and cause damage Fires.

Stop the habit of leaving your cell phone charging overnight

Many people think that the biggest problem with leaving your cell phone charging overnight is the risk of leaving the device with a flat battery, when in fact the big problem is the potential for overheating and wasting power, which increases battery life. . Electricity bill.

Leaving your cell phone charging overnight increases the risk of overheating (Image: Reproduction)

Currently, batteries are made of lithium-ion, a material that does not damage easily. To “addict” the battery, as many say, it will take years of abuse, however, this is unlikely.

According to technology experts, it is always recommended to leave the device’s battery charge between 20% and 80%. Another essential point is to prevent it from emptying completely. Batteries are made of cycles, and the more cycles they go through, the shorter their lifespan.

What is the correct way to charge your cell phone?

There are ways to charge your cell phone without causing damage to the battery and reducing the chances of explosion and thus the risk of fire. The first one always consists of using the original charger of the cell phone or equivalent model. Avoid generic or pirated accessories, as they increase the risk of short circuits when connected.

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Another tip is to never charge your cell phone in extremely hot or humid environments (no liquids nearby, okay?), don't use it while it's receiving electrical current, and finally, never leave the device near flammable surfaces during the process. Especially at the kitchen table.

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