How to see deleted WhatsApp messages: the trick revealed

How to see deleted WhatsApp messages: the trick revealed

The new WhatsApp update has added a function that changes the way users can permanently delete messages in chats, and check for changes in the country’s main messaging app.

One of the functions most awaited by WhatsApp users since its launch is the ability to permanently delete messages to the other contact or group, which was officially launched in response to all requests with the “Delete for Everyone” option. Initially, it was possible to carry out the procedure in a few minutes, and over time, the deadline was extended to one day.

New WhatsApp update

Along with the function of deleting the message for other contacts, WhatsApp has updated the old button to “Delete for me”, allowing message deletion only for the user themselves. However, on a daily basis, users can end up confusing the buttons and deleting a message they want to delete for everyone, as it becomes available to other contacts.

Reflecting on this situation, the messenger now allows the user to undo the action of deleting a message for themselves in up to 5 seconds, being able to correct the action and achieve the initial goal of deleting it for everyone or simply keeping the sent message. Conversation. Even with the short time to undo the action, the update is already effective in cases of accidental deletion, which encourages users.

The novelty comes along with some of WhatsApp’s updates, which include the addition of avatars in messenger, where a user can create a similar 3D avatar of himself to use as a profile picture or stickers. Another long-awaited novelty that has recently arrived in the application is the ability to hide the “online” stamp, which prevents contacts from knowing when the user is in the application.

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