Android gains “thief mode” to lock the screen during theft

Android gains “thief mode” to lock the screen during theft

With the increase in a crime In many areas, especially in urban centres, mobile security is becoming increasingly important.

With this in mind, Google announced a new feature for devices Android Which promises to protect smartphones from possible theft.

How does the new Android feature work?

Theft Detection Lock is an innovative feature used artificial intelligence To identify sudden movements that may indicate theft.

If the system detects that someone suddenly tries to snatch the cell phone from the user's hand, the screen will automatically lock, preventing access to data and content until the device is unlocked through valid authentication.

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This measure aims to combat cases of theft, especially those in which criminals approach people on the streets to steal their mobile phones.

With Thief Mode activated, criminals' actions will be difficult, as it will not be possible to access the device without the correct password or unlock method.

More anti-theft measures

In addition, Google has also announced other security measures to protect users. smart phones From possible theft.

If there are multiple unsuccessful authentication attempts, the device's screen will be obscured, preventing the attacker from accessing the device's data.

But the news does not stop there: if the criminal tries to disconnect the device repeatedly, access to the content will also be blocked, ensuring the protection of the information stored on the cell phone.

These new features reinforce the company's commitment Google With the security of Android device users, providing an additional layer of protection against potential theft and theft.

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After all, the company seeks to make smartphones safer and ensure peace of mind for users in dangerous situations.

Theft Detection Lock will be available later this year on devices with Android 10 or higher, providing an effective solution to protect users' smartphones in dangerous situations.

Through this new technology, Google reinforces the importance of digital security and the need to take preventive measures to avoid potential cybercrimes.

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