Boyfriend decides to investigate his partner’s cell phone and the ending ends differently than expected

Boyfriend decides to investigate his partner’s cell phone and the ending ends differently than expected

A video has sparked a topic of conversation on the Internet, and behind the scenes, it is possible to see a very unusual dialogue between two strangers questioning their partners. Netizens got so involved in the story that they were waiting for a romantic outcome.

The young man, identified as Louise, sent a message via the cell phone of Julia, his girlfriend, to the contact named “Mattheus”. However, the person who responded in the chat was his girlfriend Flavia.

It turned out that the first man was suspicious of his partner, so he waited for her to fall asleep before looking at her phone. That’s when he decided to randomly call Matthews, thinking he was a suspicious person (having an affair with the girl).

At the same time, Flavia was also looking for clues about her partner’s possible infidelity and unlocked his cell phone while the young man was sleeping. It was then that he spoke to Louise, thinking it was Julia.

The two introduced themselves after the confusion and explained that they were suspicious of their partners and believed that Julia and Mateusz were in a romantic relationship.

“Mattheus is very strange. They canceled our meeting last Friday,” said Flavia. “Oh my God, Julia canceled here on Friday too,” Louise replied.

Eventually the two exchanged phone numbers to talk on their cell phones and organize a way to discover the truth.

It turns out that Internet users loved the dialogue between the detective duo, and are now waiting for their meeting, so that they will end up – in the end – together, in the event that they are actually betrayed.

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“In the end, they found out about the betrayal and ended up staying together,” one netizen said. Watch the video!

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