Argentine woman cured of HIV dubbed ‘Esperanza’ by doctors in the fight against AIDS – mix

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Experts said her ex-boyfriend died of AIDS, but she was not infected with the virus that causes the disease.

Doctors call her “Esperanza,” an Argentine woman cured of HIV that represents a breakthrough in research for a cure. AIDSAnd researchers around the world are excited about this discovery.

The group responsible for the research analyzed billions of the patient’s cells and tissues, concluding that for eight years, the patient had been in remission. This discovery generates hope and expectations for the 38 million patients living with a diagnosis of the virus.

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The discovery was announced by a group of doctors from Harvard University, at an international meeting with experts in the field of HIV, which took place in March of this year. They revealed that the patient whose ex-boyfriend died of AIDS was not infected with the virus that causes the disease. These findings were recently confirmed by the scientific journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

There is another treatment case similar to that of the Argentine patient. American Lauren Willenbeg, 67, had deserted last year. Two other cases considered as treatment were patients with cancer who underwent a bone marrow transplant from HIV-positive donors, as a result of which the virus was eradicated.

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Dr. Xu Yu, a member of the Ragon Institute, which brings together researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT and Harvard University, USA, comments on meeting a second untreated HIV patient who does not have healthy HIV genomes.

“These findings, especially with the identification of the second case, suggest that there may be a practical course of aseptic treatment for people who are unable to do so on their own.”

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