Anfisa is absent from the health meeting, and the crisis with the government worsens | Brazil

Anfisa is absent from the health meeting, and the crisis with the government worsens |  Brazil

She was called to the meeting, which discussed details of the decree that will establish the new rules for entering the country, on Wednesday morning, and the agency did not send representatives.

“Laying down the law that deals with border and entry rules into the country is not the purview of Anvisa. This activity falls within the purview of the Civil House and the Ministries of Health, Justice and Infrastructure,” the agency reported in a statement.

Photo: Aílton de Freitas/O Globo Agency

According to Anvisa, the subsidies necessary to make the decree are already in the technical notes sent to the government on 12. In the documents, the agency recommends a vaccination requirement to enter the country.

However, on Tuesday, Ministers Marcelo Quiroga (Health), Cerro Nogueira (Casa Seville) and Bruno Bianco (AGU), announced the adoption of a five-day quarantine only for those arriving in the national territory without a vaccine.

However, there is still no clarity on the operating rules for this quarantine, let alone who will monitor compliance. The idea is that these rules appear in the decree that the Ministry of Health intends to publish.

Sources at Anvisa indicate that the government has not been able to even guarantee a quarantine for the Argentine national team players who entered the country in September for a match in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

At the time, three athletes who had passed through the UK were supposed to have completed quarantine, at the time due to the outbreak of the delta type of coronavirus. And when they were not stopped, they roamed freely, and the match was suspended.

A source at the regulatory agency asked, “If they are not able to comply with the quarantine of three players, how can the quarantine of thousands of tourists and Brazilians be monitored?”

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