A businesswoman targeted by Gaeco over a health scheme surrenders after her father’s arrest

A businesswoman targeted by Gaeco over a health scheme surrenders after her father's arrest

Five days after the outbreak Operation Higia, which investigates deviations of R$ 3 million from public health in Sorriso (397 km from Cuiabá), businesswoman Samantha Necia Rosa Shuker, 35, surrendered to the civil police. I attended Pollinter State Management, in Cuiabá, and Captus on Tuesday morning (2).

Samantha just went through her custody hearing with DC’s 1st Specialized Court Judge Jamilson Haddad Campos. He insisted on arrest, since there was a preventive arrest warrant against the judge of the Second Criminal Court of Comarca de Sorriso, Victor Lima Pinto Coelho, from whom the prison order came. The judge in Cuiaba ordered that the accused be kept in a separate room because she had a higher education degree and that she be before the Sorriso court for the necessary procedures for her transfer.

The operation was launched by the Special Working Group against Organized Crime (Gaeco) last Thursday (28 July). On this occasion, Samantha’s father, businessman Jose Constantino Schucker, was taken into custody on suspicion of involvement in the scheme that was being investigated.

Samantha is the managing partner of Chocair Consultórios and Clínica Bem Estar Ltda, which will be used to transfer public funds through cold bills.

According to the investigations, those involved were using ongoing legal health measures while freezing state resources. These blocks are given to ensure the cost of the patient’s treatment.

Once banned, this amount was transferred to the Municipal Health Fund and then used fraudulently. Using the same suit, they filed several administrative payments, changing the invoice and official letter, but without providing the service.

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In addition to the Shockers, former Health Minister Luis Fabio Marchoreau, who claims to be the complainant that led to the operation, was also searched and arrested. From his home, agents confiscated his cell phone and documents.

On this occasion, the municipality of Sorriso also issued a note, in which it stated that it was anxiously waiting for Gaeco, because the complaint came from it.

HYGIA According to Greek mythology, Hygia is the goddess of maintaining health.

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