75% of travelers expect to travel the same way

75% dos viajantes corporativos esperam viajar da mesma forma ou mais do que viajavam antes da pandemia

Professionals who use flights for business meetings are more optimistic about returning to corporate travel. Globally, about 75% expect to travel as fast as they did before the pandemic or more, according to the Traveler Sentiment Survey by consultancy Oliver Wyman.


75% of business travelers expect to travel the same class as they did before the pandemic or more

The survey, which listened to 5,300 people in nine countries (Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States) in July, showed that Chinese, Americans and Australians are willing to travel more for work. They are planning to travel due to the increase in business activities.

According to the study, there will be a “compensation” in corporate travel and bookings will increase significantly in the short term. However, in the medium to long term, business travel may decline or stabilize at a level below its pre-pandemic level, due to permanent changes in working methods and company policies.

Leisure trips
The survey also mapped people’s behavior in relation to leisure travel. Three-quarters of respondents expect to travel more in the future compared to their total travel before the pandemic. In this sense, 66% plan to travel within their own country in the next six months.

In terms of spending, nearly a third expect their budgets to be tighter. Therefore, this segment plans to spend less on flights and amenities while traveling. Those with more budget available plan to spend more on long trips, dinners, and other experiences available at the destination.

health data

The study also investigated whether travelers would be willing to participate in programs from airlines and public authorities that request health data. Globally, nearly 70% of people are willing to enroll in a digital identity program that includes vaccine status and other health data.

Additionally, vaccinated respondents are more willing to share their data compared to unvaccinated travelers.

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