6 foods that boost immunity and fight influenza

6 foods that boost immunity and fight influenza

A diet rich in nutrients and vitamins is important for the proper functioning of the body. During periods of disease outbreaks painThe best thing to do is take care of health so that we can do that even through food Increase our immunity and avoid symptoms. There are many foods that help in the formation of immune system cells and work to protect the body from changes that cause various diseases.

There are many foods that are beneficial to our health and increase our immunity, but here we will list at least six of them. They are all rich in nutrients needed to keep our bodies protected. See below which foods are the richest and most powerful in increasing immunity.


Tomatoes, like other fruits, are rich in vitamin C, lycopene, anthocyanins, and ellagic acid, and also have antioxidant and heart disease prevention properties. With this combination, it promotes increased immunity.

The vitamin C present in tomatoes helps in strengthening the production of immune system cells and this promotes the reduction of inflammation.

sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are great sources of vitamins A and C, which also contain antioxidant compounds. It helps to strengthen and develop the entire immune system and studies have already proven that the presence of vitamin A can enhance the therapeutic effect of treating a range of infectious diseases.

It is important to include sweet potatoes in your diet for many benefits, including protection against influenza.


This fruit is consumed in nature or juice without mixtures, it is very effective because it is rich in vitamin C, in addition, it also contains flavonoids and fiber. It helps a lot to strengthen the immune system, as well as other citrus fruits such as lemons and tangerines.

Oranges can even be eaten in a meal, and in addition to being delicious to break down certain levels of fat depending on the dish, they are also an ally of health.

natural yogurt

Few people know that natural yogurt has very positive effects on our health and boosts immunity. Because it is so rich in probiotics, which are positive bacteria for our gut, it also helps balance the immune system’s response to infectious agents.

It strengthens all of our body’s defenses.

Linum seed

Flax seeds are rich in properties that increase the body’s defenses. It consumes both seeds and oil, and it is high in omega-3.

It contains a good concentration of lignans and fibers, which also activate and stimulate the cells of our immune system.


A food that goes well in our recipes and is very rich in properties like fibre, beta-carotene, iron and folic acid. It directly helps in strengthening the immune system by having many vitamins such as A, C, E and K.

Minerals such as manganese, calcium and iron are excellent in strengthening the immune system. Thus, the body becomes more resistant to infections and other types of diseases.

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