14 climate games that could change the future

14 climate games that could change the future

The prevalence of gaming in our culture provides an opportunity to increase understanding of the global challenges we face. It is a fact that nearly half of adults in Brazil and around the world play some type of video game. In most of these games, these games are just for entertainment, and this is not wrong. But there are a large number of titles that make a difference.

Considering current events in Brazil, with temperatures more than high, with cities easily exceeding 45 degrees, we can see that games have more than just interactive tools to expand the understanding of those who are still in air conditioning and think that this is not a serious matter.

years ago, Interactive climateFor example, he led the development of role-playing games Climate action simulation that it Global climate, which are adopted from high school level classrooms to executive management. Many are realizing the power of games and everyone, from government agencies to NGOs to a group of teenagers, is trying to launch a game to help tackle climate change.

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These are just a few examples, but there are many others ranging from actions taken by businesses, schools, communities and more. Even games As famous as Sonic, contains in its content criticism of the incorrect use of technology. So, check out some climate and sustainability related games!

Group games:

1. Climate action simulation: A highly interactive role-playing game for groups to play with different stakeholders and explore solutions needed to take action on climate change.

two. Global climate: A role-playing game for groups that simulate UN climate change negotiations, divided into regional and national negotiating teams to create a treaty to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius or less.

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3. Stability wedge game.: A game that shows participants different ways to reduce carbon emissions, through the concept of pegs.

4. Fresh climate: A collaborative, science-based workshop aimed at helping people understand the causes and consequences of climate change.

computer games:

5. Survive the century: A fantasy game based on real science to educate players about the political, environmental, and social choices humans face between 2021 and 2100.

6. Ixion: This city-building game is set in a futuristic space, where players manage resource extraction, infrastructure, and their teams to keep humanity alive while Earth suffers ecosystem collapse.

7. Floods: An online city-building strategy game set in a world mired in global warming. Players must balance clashing cultures and limited resources to guide their population into a new era.

8. Mackay carbon calculator: Players learn how their choices affect the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and create pathways to understanding how the UK can reduce emissions to zero by 2050 and beyond.

9. Crisis time 2.0Crunch Time is an interactive science and sustainability quiz game designed for kids of all ages. The game can be played individually or in classroom mode.

10. Task 1.5: An online game developed by UNDP and Playmob that educates players about climate solutions by voting on key climate actions they would like to see adopted. UNDP uses responses to help governments develop and implement climate plans and policies around the world.

11. sound echo: Eco is an online community game where players cooperate to develop laws and economics to stop a meteorite on a collision course with the planet, without polluting the world.

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12. Climate game: An online game developed by the Financial Times that challenges players to reduce the negative impacts of climate change with the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

13. Tera Neal: An environmental strategy game focused on rebuilding the ecosystem. Players transform barren lands into a thriving ecosystem, reintroduce wildlife, and then leave without a trace.


14. Change the game: This app allows players to test the resilience of their cities by building and managing resources and controlling emissions. The higher the level of emissions produced by players, the more challenges they will have to face.

Via: Climate Interactive

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