Old Fumagalli Hospital under construction. Find out what will be on site – present

Old Fumagalli Hospital under construction.  Find out what will be on site – present

About three years ago, the Churrascaria Dois Irmãos Group, owned by Marechal Candido Rondon, acquired at auction the structure of the former Fumagalli Hospital, located on Rua Tiradentes, in the center of Rondon. Remember to click here.

The hospital unit was actually deactivated years ago after health monitoring was banned. Now anyone passing by the site can see that it is under construction.

Photo: Maria Cristina Kunzler/O Presente

To O Presente, businessman Jorge Eckert, from Churrascaria Dois Irmãos, revealed the destination of the old hospital. He added: “We will build two commercial rooms and prepare a study to implement a 60-room hotel.”

According to him, the works are expected to be completed in early 2024, between January and February. The Rondon native says the Chambers of Commerce will have private parking at the front and interested parties can now contact Schone Corretor de Imóveis for rentals.

Regarding the hotel specifically, Jorge stated that the entity that will implement the project, in principle, is the Churrascaria Dois Irmãos Group itself. But he clarifies that the possibility of opening it to partners is still under study. “We haven’t decided yet,” he explains.

Check from perspective what the project interface should look like:

By Maria Cristina Kunzler/O Presente

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