Wounded, bitten by a man taking a snake to the door of DF Hospital

Wounded, bitten by a man taking a snake to the door of DF Hospital

A man who was bitten by a snake is lying on the door Hospital de Gama Regional (HRG) Monday night (27/12) waiting for help. In the footage circulated on social media, the patient appears almost unconscious with the snake that bit him inside a bag.

The situation occurred during a fight at the hospital gate that had nothing to do with the attitude of the man who had been bitten. According to the information received from Military Police of the Federal District (PMDF)There was a fight between a patient in the unit and a guard. The woman accused the employee of assault.

To immediately end the discussions, the police who attended the incident transferred those involved in the alleged aggression to DP 20 where the incident was recorded. As for the man who was bitten by the snake, he was told to take him inside the HRG.

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What does the Department of Health say?

The directions of the Regional Hospital do Gama, upon contact, stated that “no assault was recorded by the guard on the companions of the patient who was maximized in the unit because care was limited to the most serious cases.” According to the file, the man received the white bracelet, which did not signify seriousness and “dissatisfied with the risk rating, the companions began attacking the security guards.”

Management regretted the incident and stressed that such aggressive practices were not in accordance with the training protocols received by the unit’s workers.

Regarding the incident of the man who was bitten by a snake, the Ministry of Health said he “was not escorted to the entrance to the medical clinic – a place he should have been referred for appropriate care.” But the note says: “The companions did not want to take him to the emergency room, and when he was refused, one of the guards went to the medical clinic box and called the doctor on duty. Then the employee returned to the site in a wheelchair, and the patient sat down and escorted him to the doctor.”

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The snake victim was admitted, and according to health, a surgery was performed on Tuesday morning (28).

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