William Bonner gets angry and reveals the Ministry of Health’s delayed response to JN

William Bonner sério no Jornal Nacional; Marcelo Queiroga de máscara sério, com Jair Bolsonaro atrás dele com máscara

During the Journal National on Monday (3), William Boehner was visibly disturbed by the response the Department of Health gave about the increased availability of Covid-19 tests in the Unified Health System (SUS). The journalist explained to the audience that the news production called the government institution in the afternoon, but it did not respond until more than five hours after the request, which exposes the delay by the ministry.

“In the article that opened the issue of Journal Nacional, the specialists mentioned that Brazil needs to expand testing for the population, especially with the arrival of the Ômicron variant. At 3:30 p.m., the Journal Nacional entered into a contract, via e-mail, with the Ministry of Health and asked if there was Any plans to increase the supply of Covid screening and if the Ministry of Health was planning to distribute kits for home screening, it was 3:30 pm! The Ministry of Health responded at 8:34 pm, after the report has already been reported and presented.”

“In any case, the ministry said it launched in September the national plan to expand screening, which includes antigen tests on people with or without symptoms, but it did not inform the number of tests and whether it intends to distribute home tests,” he added.

He watches:

William Boehner denies that Bolsonaro has anything to do with the connection between the vaccine and AIDS

During the Journal Nacional in October, William Boehner denied Jair Bolsonaro again. The presenter of the program referred to the association of the head of a vaccine against Covid-19 and the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) with the “liar and absurd.” In a recent live broadcast on social media, the politician claimed that supposed studies in the UK would have concluded that fully immunized individuals would develop AIDS “much faster than expected”.

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Citing Bolsonaro’s comment, Boehner warned that the information provided by the president was “utterly false and absurd.” Showing the public on the Facebook posts, the journalist added, “Since its publication, this new initiative launched by Bolsonaro to discredit vaccines and discourage vaccination has left the medical and scientific communities in disbelief. It has drawn heavy criticism in the political sphere as well.” The decision, Instagram and YouTube to delete the live broadcast in which the president said false information.

This is not the first time that Bonner has refuted Bolsonaro live. In July, the broadcaster highlighted a false statement from the politician on fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, citing the Federal Supreme Court. The broadcaster announced that the STF used social media, for the first time, to outmaneuver Bolsonaro through a video clip.

In May, the news broke a story about a statement the politician made to his supporters about the actions against him. In the statements, Bolsonaro mocked those participating in the demonstrations and said the protests had a small number of people. After showing the president’s statement, Boehner rejected it.

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